Zen and the Art of Na­ture Aquar­i­ums

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What is a na­ture aquar­ium?

Many years back I met this lady who had some Ping-pong gold­fish. She came from a well-re­spected fam­ily and lived in an ex­clu­sive vil­lage in Que­zon City; she was welle­d­u­cated, very much re­fined in poise and stature, and all she wanted was to of­fer the best food to her pet gold­fish. She had bought all the ma­jor brands of gold­fish food that I sug­gested to her, yet she wanted more. So I sug­gested what has al­ways worked well with gold­fish breed­ers: live tubifex worms. We met up in Car­ti­mar where she bought her first bag of live tubifex worms. She even found these lit­tle crit­ters cute as they wig­gled in their ball for­ma­tion. I gave her in­struc­tions on what to do and she hur­riedly went home to feed her gold­fish. Two hours passed, then she texted me that the gold­fish ab­so­lutely loved the worms. The next day, I gave her a call to check on her tubifex feed­ing pro­gram. I didn’t even have the chance to say hello when she screamed, “An­gel… Ang baho (It stinks)!!!” I said, “Of course, what do you ex­pect? They come from waste wa­ter trail­ing of pig farms in Bu­la­can.” Ka­boom! She never fed her gold­fish live tubifex again. I guess feed­ing live tubifex worms didn’t work well for her. But this is not the case with fish breed­ers. Tubifex worms are a sta­ple diet for breeder fishes and their young. Breeder fishes are given live tubifex worms to fat­ten them up and pre­pare them for breed­ing. The fe­males be­come gravid with eggs when fed live tubifex worms. The young are also of­fered this live food as they grow faster on this diet, as com­pared to when they are fed com­mer­cial fish feeds. There must be some ad­van­tage to feed­ing live tubifex worms to fish, as our com­mer­cial fish breed­ers are highly suc­cess­ful in their en­deav­ors. They will at­test that feed­ing live tubifex worms plays an im­por­tant role in their suc­cess.

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