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Feed­ing live fish is not as easy as one thinks. You must have a good source to be­gin with. The tank con­di­tions of feeder fish sellers are usu­ally ter­ri­ble, at best. They are usu­ally over­stocked and the fish are kept alive with strong aer­a­tion. The feeder fishes are also sub­jected to a very stress­ful en­vi­ron­ment. Ev­ery time a buyer comes along, they are net­ted and dumped back to the tank. They are not han­dled with care. Thus, when you buy them, they are no longer healthy. It is a dis­heart­en­ing ex­pe­ri­ence buy­ing live feeder fish only to dis­cover most of them are dead when you reach home. Se­condly, you must have a tank ded­i­cated to your feeder fish. This tank should func­tion well, and the wa­ter con­di­tions should be good; oth­er­wise, you will not be able to keep them healthy. Let’s face it; if you are to feed healthy feeder fish to your col­lec­tion, you must ex­ert the same good aquar­ium keep­ing prac­tices in your feeder fish tank. The worst thing you can do is to dump the whole bag of kataba in your main tank be­cause you do not have a feeder fish tank. Not only are you adding wa­ter that is high in am­mo­nia to your care­fully main­tained tank, you are like­wise im­pos­ing a tremen­dous bi­oload on your fil­ter sys­tem be­cause of over­stock­ing. Thus, it is nec­es­sary to have a feeder fish tank where you can keep them healthy and just scoop out enough fish to feed your pets. Lastly, feed­ing live feeder fish should be con­ve­nient for your lifestyle; oth­er­wise, you can’t keep it up. Per­son­ally, I’m not go­ing to waste half my Satur­day driv­ing through Metro Manila traf­fic. I have enough traf­fic ex­pe­ri­ence from Mon­day to Fri­day ev­ery time I go to work. I will not give up half my Satur­day just for a bag of kataba. Feed­ing live food is, of course, a nat­u­ral thing. Whether it is fish, worms, shrimp, in­sects, grubs, lar­vae, or what­ever, these are the same things your fish would eat if they were in their lo­cal wa­ters; in other words, their sta­ple food. They do not have MP (mar­ket prawn), CH (chicken heart), SW (su­per worm), or beef heart in the wild. Thus, feed­ing live fish to your pet fish is fine. There are risks, of course, in feed­ing live food. It is up to you how to man­age these risks so you are able to of­fer healthy feeder fishes to your pets. It is im­por­tant to note that what­ever you feed your fish, whether live or not, it should be of good qual­ity.

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