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By the way, it is a com­mon sight for the tanks of H. ai­mara keep­ers to have glass cov­ered with al­gae. That’s be­cause they can’t clean their tanks. The H. ai­mara is so fe­ro­cious it at­tacks even mag­netic glass clean­ers. I once asked for a pic­ture of my friend’s 20-inch H. ai­mara, and I got a pic of an aquar­ium with lots of al­gae and a fuzzy im­age of a large fish be­hind the front glass panel. He told me the maid re­fuses to scrub the glass pan­els for fear of get­ting bit­ten. I have an 8-inch H. ai­mara and even at that small size, tank main­te­nance is be­gin­ning to be a con­cern. Ev­ery time I dip in a hose to siphon off tank wa­ter, the H. ai­mara at­tacks it. When I re­move ex­cess food that he has not eaten us­ing a net, he at­tacks the net. This is one fish that is al­ways in a foul mood! The H. ai­mara has a bad tem­per be­cause it is highly ter­ri­to­rial and ag­gres­sive. When you ap­proach an aquar­ium with an H. ai­mara, you will no­tice it flare and ex­pand its op­er­cu­lum, much like male Bet­tas do. This is to show ag­gres­sion and its fight­ing stance. When Joely saw that 34-inch H. ai­mara in Malaysia, he was amazed by its huge size but ad­mits he was scared de­spite it be­ing in­side a mas­sive tank. “I got scared be­cause the fish re­ally wanted to bite me. I get the same feel­ing when you’re pass­ing through a street and a large dog keeps bark­ing at you,” shares Joely. This ag­gres­sion will pre­vent you from ever find­ing a tank­mate for your H. ai­mara. Any fish will surely be eaten. I be­lieve the only fish you can put in a tank with an H. ai­mara are tiny ones that prove to be too small for them to bother with. How­ever, any fish that is big enough to be a meal will surely end up as one. So I guess Neon Te­tras with a me­ter­long H. ai­mara should be a good biotope aquar­ium.

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