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Here are the most im­por­tant tips that will help en­sure ev­ery­one’s safety and hap­pi­ness.

• Pre-register online if it’s of­fered, to save your­self the has­sle of lin­ing up at the venue.

• Check out the pro­gram of the event and note which events you’d like to see and what talks you’d like to lis­ten to. You might even want to check out which booths of­fer dis­counts or free­bies if you In­sta­gram or post on Face­book a photo of your pet with their cho­sen theme.

• Come pre­pared at all times to clean up af­ter your pet. This is a non­nego­tiable, as re­fus­ing to clean up af­ter your pet is in­con­sid­er­ate and thought­less―and prob­a­bly means you are a bad pet owner. Put your­self in a po­ten­tial vic­tim’s shoes: noth­ing is more in­con­ve­nient than step­ping in poop at a public place. What if they slip and hurt them­selves? Karma al­ways comes back, af­ter all. Bring news­pa­per and small biodegrad­able bags for this pur­pose.

• If you’re go­ing to see an ex­pert, why not pre­pare 1-3 ques­tions you’d like an­swered? Don’t go for or­di­nary ques­tions like “What should I feed my cat or dog?” Ask some­thing about the per­son’s field of ex­per­tise that di­rectly ad­dresses any con­cerns you have with your pet.

• Bring your pet’s com­plete upto-date vac­ci­na­tion record if you’re

• Speak­ing of shop­ping, if you’re go­ing to an event with a bazaar, mea­sure your pet be­fore the event: weight, length, height, col­lar size, and what­ever else you may need to mea­sure for what you in­tend to buy. Save it on your mo­bile phone so that you won’t have to fum­ble in your bag or pock­ets for a print­out. go­ing to let it in­ter­act with other an­i­mals. This can come in handy es­pe­cially with the era of manda­tory pet reg­is­tra­tion loom­ing over us. Plus it cer­ti­fies that your pet can safely in­ter­act with oth­ers with­out the risk of ei­ther pass­ing on or con­tract­ing a deadly dis­ease.

• If you’re headed for an adop­tion event, bring a car­rier for your new fam­ily mem­ber or a leash, if it’s a dog. Also, be pre­pared to hur­dle an in­ter­view about your home and lifestyle habits; don’t be of­fended, be­cause the an­i­mal wel­fare group adopt­ing out dogs or cats is sim­ply mak­ing sure you will be a good and re­spon­si­ble owner for what is of­ten an aban­doned or abused pet. Pre­pare some cash for the adop­tion fee, which is al­most al­ways cheaper than vac­ci­nat­ing and spay­ing/neu­ter­ing the an­i­mal your­self (most adopt­able an­i­mals al­ready have their shots and have been thor­oughly vet­ted).

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