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• All pets must have a col­lar and a leash; if your pet man­ages to run off, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion on the col­lar will help re­unite you with him or her. These also help you keep your pet un­der con­trol.

• Calm and re­lax your pet be­fore the event through walk­ing or ex­er­cise. You can also spend some ex­tra bond­ing time with him or her so that he or she won’t be ag­gres­sive from frus­tra­tion dur­ing the fair.

• Bring a sep­a­rate drink­ing con­tainer. If you can, pur­chase a col­lapsi­ble or fold-away con­tainer. Pets need wa­ter as they can easily get de­hy­drated; you can also cool them off with the wa­ter if need be. Spare your­self the mess and dif­fi­culty of try­ing to give your pet wa­ter from a wa­ter bot­tle de­signed for hu­mans.

• Rain or shine, pro­vide shade for your pet. Cats and dogs can­not sweat the way we do and thus have a harder time deal­ing with heat. On this note, be sure to touch the ground be­fore walk­ing a pet on it; if it’s too hot for you, think of what it feels like for your pet’s feet.

• If you have a small dog, con­sider bring­ing a car­rier for it. They can’t cover as much ground as the big­ger dogs with­out get­ting tired, and some­times, they can get in­tim­i­dated by big­ger dogs. Or you can carry your pet your­self if it starts get­ting antsy!

• You also have to take care of your­self: if it’s an open-air venue, bring sun­screen; if it’s rain­ing and the venue is out­doors, bring a rain­coat (um­brel­las get in the way!); and don’t for­get to stay hy­drated too!

• If your pet is sick, do not bring it to a pet fair, es­pe­cially if it hasn’t had its shots! This is be­yond rude and in­con­sid­er­ate; you may cause other pet own­ers grief if their dog or cat dies from a dis­ease it picked up from your pet.

• Stay alert, be­cause ac­ci­dents do hap­pen; some­times an­i­mals get loose and it’s best to be ready so that you don’t get bowled over.

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