Cover Story: Bully for Pocket Bul­lies

Clifton James Sawit finds out why these macho dogs have a uni­ver­sal ap­peal with dog fanciers

Animal Scene - - CONTENTS - Text by CLIFTON JAMES SAWIT Photos by JEFFREY C. LIM


Peo­ple like freaks, Cezar com­ments, but he also cau­tions that the Pocket Bully is no mere nov­elty dog. They are among the most hu­man-ori­ented of all dogs. Pocket Bul­lies tend to form very close bonds with all the mem­bers of a fam­ily, and is def­i­nitely not a one-per­son dog. Early train­ing and so­cial­iza­tion is re­quired, and they are ex­tremely pain tol­er­ant. Check your dog for in­juries ev­ery now and then, be­cause Bul­lies have been known to suf­fer in­juries with­out as much as a peep! If you want the dog du jour, the Pocket Bully isn’t for you. For one thing, they are not yet fully rec­og­nized in the lo­cal dog scene, though they turn heads wher­ever they go. Do your re­search and talk to own­ers and breed­ers be­fore set­tling on a Pocket Bully. Be­fore you adopt a Pocket Bully, make sure that you are deal­ing with a rep­utable breeder. Some un­scrupu­lous breed­ers have been known to use steroids to give their dogs a mus­cu­lar look, which shrinks soon af­ter the drugs are no longer be­ing ad­min­is­tered, and could have ad­verse ef­fects on for its longterm health. The poor Pocket Bully could de­velop joint and or­gan prob­lems! Cezar also cau­tions that they ac­tu­ally need twice the ex­er­cise of larger dogs, in his ex­pe­ri­ence, and as a re­sult, are not ideal for seden­tary or in­jured or ill own­ers. The dog will suf­fer if it is not ex­er­cised; its mus­cles may even at­ro­phy or shrink as a re­sult. he Amer­i­can Pocket Bully is part of the new breed of pet dogs that have hit the lo­cal pet scene in a big way. But most peo­ple don’t even know the dif­fer­ence be­tween pit bulls, bull­dogs, and Bul­lies! Let’s clear up all the con­fu­sion and get to know our new­est ca­nine com­pan­ion.

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