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Animal Scene - - CONTENTS - 2. Cats have more poise than peo­ple. 3. Cats are so low-main­te­nance (even though they act like high-main­te­nance snobs). 4. Cats are in­te­rior de­sign­ers. Do you like dec­o­rat­ing your home? 5. Cats are wall-climbers. 6. When it comes to health, cats are marty

as proof of love while others feel more ap­pre­ci­ated if they are given qual­ity time.

In the same way, cats ex­press (and ex­pect) love in ways that may not mir­ror those of a dog’s. They do not wag their tails and bark in ex­cite­ment, but they head-butt you fondly and stalk you loy­ally from room to room. They do not jump on your lap and look at you with smiles on their faces, but they of­fer you dead mice, roaches, or even snakes as de­vo­tional of­fer­ings. Learn­ing the love lan­guage of cats has helped open my mind (and given me a few scares, as I’m sure you can imag­ine), dis­prov­ing the mis­con­cep­tion that cats are un­af­fec­tion­ate and un­grate­ful.

Be­sides, even if some cats ac­tu­ally turn out to be un­af­fec­tion­ate lit­tle in­grates, it will be too late by the time you re­al­ize it. By then, you will have been con­verted into a faithful cat slave, one who de­lights in serv­ing fe­line masters. Wel­come to the club! You’ve seen peo­ple chew with their mouths open and talk with their mouths full. You’ve seen peo­ple push and shove in­stead of wait­ing pa­tiently in line. Most cats, how­ever, will do noth­ing of the sort. They walk, eat, and even sleep with poise. Some may wolf down food like hun­gry beasts, yes, but even in these rather undig­ni­fied mo­ments, they still man­age to look more re­gal than some equally hun­gry peo­ple. You can tell out­right that some girls (and guys) are high-main­te­nance based on how they be­have. With cats, you’re in for a pleas­ant sur­prise: Although they do act like roy­alty, car­ing for them is so easy! They like clean­ing them­selves so you don’t have to worry about daily baths. If you catch a cat look­ing rather filthy, chances are he’s sick and in­ca­pable of self-groom­ing.

Cats also don’t like it when their poop or pee stinks up the room so they use the lit­ter­box re­li­giously, tak­ing great care to bury their “gold.” You will find your­self al­ways com­ing home to a clean house!

Okay, I ad­mit, maybe you will find them tear­ing your stuff apart once in a while. (Many cat par­ents, how­ever, will be quick to say that’s your fault. Why didn’t you cat-proof your home in the first place?)

Good for you! Cats share your pas­sion – they have a nat­u­ral in­cli­na­tion for in­te­rior de­sign.

They like the de­sha­bille look in par­tic­u­lar, pre­fer­ring torn cur­tains over brand-new ones. They are also ex­perts at “re­vamp­ing” your fur­ni­ture, punc­tur­ing couches with holes which, in their opin­ion, is a la­bor of love.

Cats dab­ble in fash­ion as well. Want your shirt to look grunge? Leave it ly­ing around and your cats will know what to do with it. Thanks to their pref­er­ences in home dé­cor and cloth­ing, you and your house will look, well, dif­fer­ent!

Moun­taineers may be ex­perts at scal­ing sharp in­clines, but I bet they’re no match for a cat’s grav­ity-de­fy­ing skills!

Wall climb­ing is a cat spe­cialty. My youngest cat, Mimi, prefers scal­ing screen doors and win­dows. My old­est cat, the grumpy black cat named Merlin whom I was talk­ing about at the be­gin­ning of this ar­ti­cle, scales in­door walls like a pro. You will find his paw prints all the way up our white walls; it’s amaz­ing how he can do that without hurt­ing him­self or the paint job!

Cat peo­ple know that cats won’t act sick even if they are. Show weak­ness when they’re ill? Not a chance.

Dogs whine when they’re in pain. Cats don’t. They will stare you down and walk with their heads up, even when they’re se­ri­ously ill. Cats are mar­tyrs when it comes to health is­sues. These se­cre­tive crea­tures don’t want any­one to know they’re sick. That means cat par­ents have to be ex­tra at­ten­tive to their habits: Any change in be­hav­ior may be due to disease. Cats are very good at one thing: en­slav­ing hu­mans. They can meow, purr, and lovebite their way into your heart, con­vinc­ing you de­spite your fas­ci­na­tion for ca­nines that fe­lines are just as de­serv­ing of your praise, if not more so.

Be warned: All it takes is one cat. One cat, I tell you, and you’re doomed to a life watch­ing cat videos and buy­ing cat stuff for the rest of your life.

Just like many peo­ple who grew up with dogs, I didn’t even know I loved cats un­til I had one! Once you go cat, you never go back.

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