The Amer­i­can Kennel Club Of­fi­cial Stan­dard for the Golden Re­triever

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•Sym­met­ri­cal, pow­er­ful, ac­tive • Sound and well put to­gether • Kindly ex­pres­sion; ea­ger, alert and self-con­fi­dent per­son­al­ity • Em­pha­sis is on over­all ap­pear­ance, bal­ance, gait, and pur­pose

• Males 23 to 24 inches in height at with­ers; fe­males 21½ to 22½ inches. • Length from breast­bone to point of but­tocks slightly greater than height at with­ers in ra­tio of 12:11. • Weight for dogs 65 to 75 pounds; bitches 55 to 65 pounds.

• Muz­zle straight in pro­file, blend­ing smooth and strongly into skull • Eyes (prefer­ably dark brown) friendly and in­tel­li­gent in ex­pres­sion, medium large with dark, close-fit­ting rims, set well apart and rea­son­ably deep in sock­ets. • Ears rather short with front edge at­tached well be­hind and just above the eye and fall­ing close to cheek. When pulled for­ward, tip of ear should just cover the eye. • Nose black or brown­ish black • Teeth: scis­sors bite

• Neck: medium long, merg­ing grad­u­ally into well laid back shoul­ders, giv­ing sturdy, mus­cu­lar ap­pear­ance. • Body well balanced, short cou­pled, deep through the chest. • Tail well set on, thick and mus­cu­lar at the base, fol­low­ing the nat­u­ral line of the croup.

• Mus­cu­lar, well co­or­di­nated with hindquar­ters • Shoul­der blades long and well laid back with up­per tips fairly close to­gether at with­ers. • Legs, viewed from the front, straight with good bone • Feet medium size, round, com­pact, and well knuck­led, with thick pads.

• Broad and strongly mus­cled. • In a nat­u­ral stance, fe­mur joins pelvis at ap­prox­i­mately a 90-de­gree an­gle; sti­fles well bent; hocks well let down • Legs straight when viewed from rear.

• Dense and wa­ter-re­pel­lent with good un­der­coat. • Outer coat firm and re­silient, ly­ing close to body • Coat on head, paws, and front of legs short and even.

• Rich, lus­trous golden of var­i­ous shades. • Al­low­able light shad­ings are not to be con­fused with un­de­sir­able white mark­ings.

• When trot­ting, gait is free, smooth, pow­er­ful and well co­or­di­nated, show­ing good reach. • Viewed from any po­si­tion, legs turn nei­ther in nor out, nor do feet cross or in­ter­fere with each other.

• Friendly, re­li­able, and trust­wor­thy. FAULT

• Not clumsy nor long in the leg

• Dogs up to one inch above or be­low stan­dard size should be pro­por­tion­ately pe­nal­ized. • De­vi­a­tion in height of more than one inch from the stan­dard shall dis­qual­ify.

• Slant eyes and nar­row, tri­an­gu­lar eyes • Low, hound-like ear • Pink nose or one se­ri­ously lack­ing in pig­men­ta­tion • Un­der­shot or over­shot bite; mis­align­ment of teeth or a level bite are both un­de­sir­able but not the same as an un­der­shot or over­shot.

• Roach or sway back • Flat or steep croup • Bar­rel-shaped ribs • Slab-sid­ed­ness • Nar­row chest • Lack of depth in brisket • Ex­ces­sive tuck-up

• Splayed or hare feet

• Cow-hocks • Spread hocks • Sickle hocks

• Ex­ces­sive length • Open coats • Limp, soft coats

• Pre­dom­i­nant body color which is ei­ther ex­tremely pale or ex­tremely dark. • Any no­tice­able area of black or other of­f­color.

• Quar­rel­some­ness • Hos­til­ity to­wards other dogs or peo­ple in nor­mal sit­u­a­tions • Un­war­ranted shows of timid­ity or ner­vous­ness

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