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(From the United Ken­nel Club)

HEAD: Mas­sive square­shaped head like a cube

BODY AND COAT: Mod­er­ately large body with a rough-tex­tured flat coat. Males are slightly longer than their height with a broad deep chest; fe­males have less rib spring

HEIGHT: 21 to 25 inches

EARS: Set above the eye line and may be cropped, nat­u­rally folded pen­dant, or rose (mean­ing small drop ears which fold back­wards)

TAIL: Very thick at the base and ta­pers to a point

TEETH: Com­plete set of evenly-spaced teeth set in a wide jaw. A scis­sors or re­verse scis­sors bite is pre­ferred. A level or slightly un­der­shot bite is ac­cept­able.

NOSE: Wide and black. In pro­file, the nose fits cleanly into the square formed by the nasal bone and front plane of the muz­zle. Eyes: Eyes are slightly oval, set level and wide apart, and range in color from medium to dark brown. Eye­lids are close-fit­ting and black.

EARS: Ears are of medium size, set above the line of the eye and wide apart, and cov­ered with short, fine hair. Ears may be nat­u­ral or cropped. The nat­u­ral ears may be pen­dent or rose. Cropped ears are erect.

NECK: The neck is cylin­dri­cal, thick, well­mus­cled and slightly shorter than the length of the head.

BODY: A prop­erly pro­por­tioned Presa is about 20 per­cent longer than tall and the length of the front leg should ap­prox­i­mately equal one­half of the dog’s height. Fe­males may be slightly longer in body.

FEET: Feet are round, com­pact, cat-like. Rear feet are slightly longer than the front. Pads are wellde­vel­oped, tight, black, not splayed. TAIL: Thick and mus­cu­lar at the base and ta­pers to a point.

COAT: The Presa has a short, flat sin­gle coat that is harsh in tex­ture.

COLOR: Any shade of fawn, black, and brindle in any com­bi­na­tion of these col­ors. The face must have a black or dark brown mask that does not ex­tend over the eyes, with or with­out a white blaze or patch on the head.

SIZE: De­sir­able height at with­ers for a ma­ture male is 23 to 26 inches. De­sir­able height at with­ers for a ma­ture fe­male is 22 to 25 inches. Min­i­mum weight for ma­ture male is 100 pounds and for a ma­ture fe­male is 85 pounds.

LIFE EX­PECTANCY: 10 to 13 years

*Ded­i­cated to the late, beau­ti­ful, and bril­liant Ed­i­tor-in-chief, Char­lene Bo­bis.

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