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A key sec­tor con­tribut­ing to this im­por­tant part­ner­ship is geother­mal en­ergy — which, sim­ply put, is power de­rived from the Earth’s in­ter­nal heat. The most ac­tive geother­mal re­sources are usu­ally found along ma­jor tec­tonic plate bound­aries where earth­quakes and vol­ca­noes are lo­cated. One of the most ac­tive geother­mal ar­eas in the world is the Ring of Fire, which is home to the Philip­pines and New Zealand, as well as other coun­tries such as Ja­pan, In­done­sia, and the United States.

Lever­ag­ing what could be con­sid­ered a ge­o­graph­i­cal draw­back, New Zealand was an early adopter in har­ness­ing this clean and sus­tain­able en­ergy source and is now a world leader in geother­mal be­low-the-ground tech­nol­ogy. There are few geother­mal

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