Are you re­ject­ing God’s in­vi­ta­tion?

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AYOUNG cou­ple had in­vited many guests to their daugh­ter’s birth­day din­ner. At the ta­ble, the host­ess turned to her six-year-old daugh­ter and asked, “Would you like to say the prayer?”

* * * “I don’t know what to say,” the girl replied. “Just say what you hear Mama says,” the mother an­swered.

The lit­tle girl re­luc­tantly bowed her head and said, “Lord, why on earth did I in­vite all th­ese many peo­ple for din­ner?”

* **

The gospel of this 28th Sun­day speaks about an in­vi­ta­tion too, but the host in the parable was not re­gret­ting that so many came as the above story re­lates but rather no­body came. In both cases, the hosts were dis­ap­pointed.

* * *

The king, sym­bol­iz­ing God, had made elab­o­rate prepa­ra­tions for a wed­ding ban­quet and then in­vited guests, but they all begged off for more “im­por­tant” mat­ters: one went to his es­tate, an­other to his busi­ness (read Mt 22,1-14). Je­sus refers to the wed­ding ban­quet as God’s heav­enly king­dom.

* * *

Christ’s parable is a veiled ac­cu­sa­tion against the Jewish peo­ple of the day who had been in­vited by God to be his Cho­sen Peo­ple, but they con­temp­tu­ously re­fused. To­day the parable serves as a WARN­ING for us Chris­tians as the new Cho­sen Peo­ple.

* ** To be fair, we have not ig­nored God’s in­vi­ta­tion; oth­er­wise we would not be bap­tized Chris­tians and would not be ful­fill­ing our Sun­day obli­ga­tions. But the dan­ger for us is that we may al­low the af­fairs of this world, our busi­ness, our plea­sures to blot out our vi­sion of the real goal in life.

* * * There was a cou­ple who were so en­grossed in their busi­ness of man­u­fac­tur­ing huge vol­umes of clothes for ex­port that the fam­ily suf­fered. Their high school daugh­ter be­came an un­wed mother and their son had started tak­ing drugs.

*** The busi­ness was all that mat­tered so that even on Sun­days, they had to work. And since the cou­ple had no more time for one an­other, even­tu­ally their mar­riage broke apart.

Peo­ple can be so busy mak­ing a liv­ing that they fail to make life it­self.

* ** Our Lord in­vites us to live a HOLIS­TIC or bal­anced life which takes into con­sid­er­a­tion our spir­i­tual well­be­ing. God in­vites us to His Eu­charis­tic ban­quet for spir­i­tual nour­ish­ment and time for prayer.

How of­ten does the Lord in­vite us to be more help­ful to some needy peo­ple, only to be ig­nored be­cause of “more press­ing” things to do like play­ing a game, shop­ping, or spend­ing so much pre­cious time in amuse­ments like the In­ter­net, Face­book or movies.

* * *

LIM­ITED IN­VI­TA­TION. No doubt, God is not tak­ing away our time for work, recre­ation, and worldly pur­suits. What He is ask­ing is that we should not for­get or ne­glect our spir­i­tual needs and need for God.

Life is short and time fast. Don’t waste your time in triv­ial mat­ters. God keeps on invit­ing us. RE­MEM­BER: there’s a LIMIT to His in­vi­ta­tion be­cause we live but once in this world. Af­ter that there’s the King’s reck­on­ing. * * * SIGNS – On a church’s bill­board: “7 days with­out God makes one weak.”


In the front yard of a funeral par­lor: “Drive care­fully. We can wait.”


Sign on the back of a Sep­tic Tank Truck: “Cau­tion! This truck is full of po­lit­i­cal prom­ises”

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