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Ev­ery­one who ac­knowl­edges Me

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Je­sus minces no words when He says that sal­va­tion can be found in Him alone. Je­sus prom­ises to rec­og­nize in heaven those who ac­knowl­edge Him while on earth. Je­sus is the heav­enly Fa­ther’s only be­got­ten Son sent to the world to save mankind. He warns that those who ma­lign the Son of Man will be for­given, but not those who blas­pheme against the Holy Spirit.

Je­sus’ pro­nounce­ment comes shortly af­ter He casts out devils, and He is ac­cused of work­ing in con­nivance with the devil. One is guilty of blas­phemy against the Holy Spirit when­ever one re­fuses the light that God brings. One may know the truth but per­sis­tently refuse to ac­cept it. Worse, the blas­phe­mer may call truth false­hood.

Je­sus presents the Holy Spirit as the dis­ci­ples’ ar­mor and their shield as they bat­tle against per­se­cu­tions launched by non­be­liev­ers. The Holy Spirit will cover them with pro­tec­tion and will pro­vide them the words to de­fend them­selves be­fore the au­thor­i­ties, their ac­cusers.

No for­give­ness can be given to the per­son who blas­phemes against the Holy Spirit. How can one re­ceive for­give­ness from God when one re­fuses to ac­knowl­edge the Holy Spirit?

Gospel • LUKE 12:8-12

Je­sus said to His dis­ci­ples:

“I tell you, ev­ery­one who ac­knowl­edges Me be­fore oth­ers the Son of Man will ac­knowl­edge be­fore the an­gels of God. But who­ever de­nies Me be­fore oth­ers will be de­nied be­fore the an­gels of God.

“Ev­ery­one who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be for­given, but the one who blas­phemes against the Holy Spirit will not be for­given. When they take you be­fore syn­a­gogues and be­fore rulers and au­thor­i­ties, do not worry about how or what your de­fense will be or about what you are to say. For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that mo­ment what you should say.”

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