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Je­sus on pay­ing taxes to the em­peror

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The Pharisees went off and plot­ted how they might en­trap Je­sus in speech. They sent their dis­ci­ples to Him, with the Hero­di­ans, say­ing, “Teacher, we know that You are a truth­ful man and that You teach the way of God in ac­cor­dance with the truth. And You are not con­cerned with any­one’s opin­ion, for You do not re­gard a per­son’s sta­tus. Tell us, then, what is Your opin­ion: Is it law­ful to pay the cen­sus tax to Cae­sar or not?” Know­ing their mal­ice, Je­sus said, “Why are you test­ing Me, you hyp­ocrites? Show Me the coin that pays the cen­sus tax.” Then they handed Him the Ro­man coin. He said to them, “Whose im­age is this and whose in­scrip­tion?” They replied, “Cae­sar’s.” At that He said to them, “Then re­pay to Cae­sar what be­longs to Cae­sar and to God what be­longs to God.”

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