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Frayna, Mor­dido take cud­gels for Philip­pines

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The Philip­pines drew strength from Woman Grand­mas­ter Janelle Mae Frayna and Woman In­ter­na­tional Mas­ter Kylen Joy Mor­dido as it pulled the rug from un­der erst­while leader Iran 2.5-1.5 to grab a piece of the lead af­ter six rounds in the Asian Na­tions On­line Chess Cup 2020 Satur­day.

Frayna shocked IM Sarasa­dat Khade­mal­sharieh, the high­est rated in this tour­na­ment with 2393, on top board while the 18-year-old Mor­dido showed nerves of steel in ex­treme time pres­sure in best­ing WFM Anousha Mah­dian on board four.

WIM Ber­nadette Galas sealed the up­set win by draw­ing with WFM Anousha Mah­dian on third board that sent the Lady Agi­las to the top along­side the Ira­ni­ans and heav­ily-fa­vored In­dia, which routed In­done­sia 3-1, with 10 match points apiece.

Quite im­pres­sively, the Philip­pines has the high­est won game points, which would be used as the first tiebreaker in the event of an im­passe, with 19.5 against Iran’s 18.5 and In­dia’s 17.

WIM Jan Jodi­lyn Fronda missed a draw and lost to WIM Mobina Ali­nasab on the sec­ond board.

It was a pro­duc­tive day for the Lady Agi­las as they de­mol­ished Kyr­gyzs­tan 3.50.5 and Le­banon 4-0 be­fore that stun­ning sixth-round tri­umph.

The Filip­inas hope to sus­tain their im­pres­sive form in the sev­enth round Mon­day.

So far, Galas is the most pro­duc­tive with 5.5 points while Frayna and Fronda have 4.5 apiece.

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