Colom­bia, Myan­mar, Thai­land and us


THIS pa­per’s head­line last Mon­day grabbed me by the scruff of my neck: “Duterte re­leases P2B for quake vic­tims.”

Un­der what au­thor­ity, we weren’t told. Was it to im­ply that he had to be cred­ited for such al­lo­ca­tion? He has the power of the sword—but the power of the purse?

But, he has also threat­ened to neuter Congress and even the Supreme Court. His tu­tas tell us we should be “creative” in dis­cern­ing when he is just hu­mor­ing us. Some Palace mouth­piece then said no such P2 bil­lion for the vic­tims at all. Now there is. Ang­gulo.

It seems he wants the credit for do­ing the right thing but it should be done in the right way, lest Bud­get Sec Ben Dio­kno go cata­tonic look­ing and scratch­ing for what Digong vows to give. More taxes then?

Again, Digong “sent a chill­ing mes­sage to . . . in­di­vid­u­als who had not been pay­ing cor­rect taxes…`You sons of bitches, pay up, I will kill you ’.”( Philip­pine Daily In­quirer, Fe­bru­ary 7, 2017.)

But, what if the SOB is Manny Pac­quiao,as per­ceived by ex-BIR chief Kim Henares, who said he owes bil­lions? The new kids on the block propo­si­tioned Manny, why not just pay 1B? Will Digong again say, “kayo

na­man­d­i­nan­abiro.” No kill-kill-kill when it comes to tu­tas .

Digong can­not con­vict any­one, ei­ther. That is the task of the ju­di­ciary. He is to do jus­tice to ev­ery­one. Even Manny de­serves what Erap would say “over­due process.” In­deed, ev­ery­one de­serves due process, not only wealthy Manny, min­ers, and wid­ows of alien busi­ness­men. Komikero Digong can­not pro­vide too much comic re­lief. Nakak ab a got at nak aka ali bad bad na . ut­ter­ances of his should be taken se­ri­ously. The other three, jokes. Pre­dictabil­ity gone. We can only go by the crys­tal ball and risk eat­ing shards of bro­ken glass.

It is for PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa that Mon Tulfo sees a fu­ture in com­edy. An­other seem­ing co­me­dian is in Dubai. Kuno. And he weirdly asks his count­less fans who they would

bizarre. Too many blows in the head? a 38-year-old fac­ing law­suits in the US and whose IRS (In­ter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice) tax clear­ance we have awaited since promised in Novem­ber 2013? He said last month he wanted $20 mil­lion for his next out­ing but he should in fact be pre­par­ing for his 2022 pres­i­den­tial run, not for bring­ing up more bread or da­tong.

We re­lent­lessly con­tinue low­er­ing our stan­dards.

Manny now pre­tends to play in the PBA of Ja­worski. As Top House Ab­sen­tee, Manny landed No. 7 in the Se­nate race. The Pres­i­dents of the US and here, mu­rang mura, in­sulto ng in­sulto, libak ng libak, kuty ang

kutya, at bp. Moral­ity is the Church’s do­main but the VACC, or Igle­sia ni Dante Jimenez, thinks oth­er­wise.

Bato jun­keted to Colom­bia and never said, to my rec­ol­lec­tion, that the cir­cum­stances are not the same as to wag­ing a failed bloody pol­icy on drugs. Colom­bia is now think­ing of ex­port­ing mar­i­juana to the US, say to Cal­i­for­nia, where a new law le­gal­izes it. What if Mex­ico, far away, and Thai­land, nearby, say their bloody hard­line pol­icy did not suc­ceed, ei­ther? Who will Digong call “stupid” or “id­iot” next? In fact, nowhere has a bloody hard­line ex­pen­sive pol­icy suc­ceeded. The UN has long been dis­cussing a new ap­proach given the fail­ure of a messy bloody pol­icy, ear­lier tried in Thai­land, Myan­mar and Colom­bia. All fail­ures. Amer­ica’s bil­lions have not made any dif­fer­ence, ei­ther.

Bato should have learned in Colom­bia that med­i­cal mar­i­juana is le­gal there. Even recre­ational mar­i­juana is now le­gal in Cal­i­for­nia. Mary Jane has never been con­clu­sively proven toxic, or as a prob­lem like liquor, le­gal, from which we get huge sin taxes. “De­mon rum,” or the “oil of con­ver­sa­tion,” re­port­edly causes trou­bles in beer­houses when some soused-to-the-eye-balls singer belts “My Way,” off-key.

In Colom­bia, Bato met its po­lice head hon­cho, Jorge Her­nando Ni­eto, last Septem­ber, and sim­ply told us Digong needed a three-month ex­ten­sion to rid us of the drug men­ace, in­stead of telling us that Colom­bia had failed in its drug war. The ex­ten­sion has since been stretched to en­dure as long as Digong is Prez. What if he be­comes Prime Min­is­ter? For life?

Bato is now say­ing things about Colom­bia which he did not say when he jun­keted there a few months ago. He could just have gone to the In­ter­net or to Thai­land, cheaper, and asked why its bloody hard­line pol­icy had also failed. In Thai­land, in 2003, Thaksin Shi­nawa­tra launched a Digong-Ba­to­type all-out war. Bloody and messy, it bombed, gov­ern­ment has ad­mit­ted. has not worked there, ei­ther.

(Asean sees the re­turn of the death penalty as a set­back so we may re­main the only bar­bar­ians in the re­gion call­ing the rest bobo.)

Not a fi­asco in the Manly Art Manny Pac­quiao, much of the world would con­ced­edly rec­og­nize as a sports great. Fine. We are glad that the Philip­pine Sportswrit­ers As­so­ci­a­tion has rec­og­nized many sports icons,as it did last Mon­day, nearly a hun­dred of them.

Once again, may I pro­pose that we look for some way to honor Vic­to­ria Manalo Dravis, whose musik

ero Bataan. She won two golds in div­ing in the 1948 Lon­don Olympics, not as a Pi­nay. She passed away in 2010. A two-acre park in down­town San Fran is named af­ter the dual cit­i­zen. She came home to ac­claim in Orani more than a decade ago and was feted there for four days in her sen­ti­men­tal jour­ney home.

Back to Digong, al­lo­cat­ing bil­lions to the Suri­gao calamity vic­tims and in­creas­ing the pay of cops and sol­diers with­out in­volv­ing the House and Se­nate. The In­te­grated Bar of the Philip­pines should be heard but only the Suri­gao chapter has spo­ken out, af­ter a lawyer there was EJKd. If the cops can­not pre­vent EJKs, at least they should solve them. The PNP will now go af­ter il­le­gal gam­bling? Casino, for the wealthy al­lowed but not petty gam­bling for the poor. Rule of law and equal pro­tec­tion cheap­ened.

If Digong ar­guably cheap­ens the Medal of Valor, so does Manny triv­i­al­ize the pres­i­dency. He seems to ex­pect to be in­au­gu­rated on June 30, 2022 but wastes/spends his time box­ing. Digong is a lawyer yet he al­lo­cates P2 bil­lion of the peo­ple’s money for calamity vic­tims, on his own. The peo­ple should be lis­tened to, through their rep­re­sen­ta­tives.

If Digs does not lis­ten to the AFP, he should lis­ten to Mon Tulfo (and Gen­eral Mon Farolan), on the sup­pos­edly cheap­ened Medal of Valor. Both Digs and Mon T have kids out of wed­lock but to me, no il­le­git­i­mate kids, only il­le­git­i­mate par­ents. Bato need not blame wives for the frail­ties of their Tsik­boy hub against than sin­ning, if at all, and to some ex­tent, ku­la­si­sis are vic­tims too of op­por­tunis­tic cads.

Is Digong set­ting a good ex­am­ple? How busy was he last Fe­bru­ary 14? Prob­lems of be­ing pogi, well­funded and/or pow­er­ful. Not be­ing any of the three, I just had to bring - mo­rial last Tues­day. Gone 10 years this Novem­ber—the only one who could put up with me, as un­hinged as Digong—she is sorely missed by one and all who came to know her. And I never for­get how lucky I was, and am, rem­i­nisc­ing.

Fe­bru­ary 14 was when St. Valen­tine passed away and when Tsik­boy JPE was born. And so was Kris Aquino, who had no fa­vor re­ally to seek from Digong for Noynoy, who may have com­mit­ted er­rors of the mind—we all do—but not of the heart. No sci­en­ter or crim­i­nal in­tent then. In­deed, in­fal­li­bil­ity a Pope may have on mat­ters of faith and morals but is not re­quired of the pres­i­dency. Else, who would qual­ify?

Like I keep say­ing, only two per­fect peo­ple I know, my late wife and a fel­low Bedan, Jus­tice Per­fecto, Clase

Su­pe­rior 1905.

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