Julie Ann cel­e­brates most mem­o­rable Valen­tine’s with Ben­jamin


“We de­cided not to stay late at din­ner be­cause of tap­ing the fol­low­ing day. At least kami­pari­nang­magkasamasa tap­ing,” he said.

As for the girl who was show­ered with so much at­ten­tion on Valen­tine’s Day, she couldn’t be hap­pier. “My par­ents al­lowed me to spend the whole day with him. That’s how much they trust him. This Valen­tine’s is re­ally mem­o­rable for me and I would like to thank Ben for mak­ing it so spe­cial.”

Pressed to say what the score is be­tween them, Ben hon­estly said, “Wala­pakam­ing aaminin. We are open about every­thing be­tween us. We do not deny that what­ever we have for each other is some­thing spe­cial, but that’s only as far as it goes right now. we can prom­ise is we will not keep the pub­lic, es­pe­cially our sup­port­ers, guess­ing. Aaminkami­pag­nandiyanna.”

Day, Bar­bie Forteza also had a grand time re­ceiv­ing gifts as early as Mon­day night. Just a week ago, she was com­plain­ing she has never re­ceived a Valen­tine’s gift in her 19 years in this world. Fast for­ward to the eve of Valen­tine’s Day, Bar­bie was qui­etly read­ing a book in one cor­ner at the tap­ing of Meant To Be when her four

- bie giv­ing her two books from her fa­vorite au­thor. Bar­bie, of course, was so sur­prised, and was still scan­ning the copies when Ken gave her a pink stuffed toy with a star on it’s belly. He knows Bar­bie is very fond of any­thing with stars on them.

“Umm,amoy truck ng art dept,” got the stuffed toy from the props, to which he quickly replied, “Hindi ah. I para hindi­moa­gad­makita.”

Ivan then handed Bar­bie a brown pa­per bag with three bot­tles of milk in­side. “Wow, gatas! Team Gatasta­la­gatayo Ivan. Bakit­tatlo?” she asked.

“Kasi one bot­tle is Ken, the se­cond one is Jak and third is Jai. The fourth gatas is me—here,” he said as he held his hand on his heart.

Addy, of course, will not al­low the three guys to eclipse him and handed Bar­bie his gift, a box of or­ganic cof­fee. “This is for you. Happy Valen­tine’s,” he told Bar­bie.

“Kape !” Man­gos­teen cof­fee,” ex­claimed Bar­bie. “In fair­ness, healthy kasi or­ganic. I know man­gos­teen cof­fee con­tains anti-ox­i­dant prop­er­ties. Tim­plahin na‘yan so that we can try it.” Rus­sian artist Natalya Bron­zova

Hap­pi­ness was writ­ten all over Bar­bie’s face as she re­ceived all her Valen­tine’s gifts. “I re­ally didn’t ex­pect any of this. I have been used to not re­ceiv­ing any­thing on Valen­tine’s. Zero na­mankasi­la­giang love gifts on a day like this so I re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate them. In fair­ness to the four guys, they showed they re­ally know me well. They gave me gifts that they know I’d like.”

The Mof­fatts is back in the Philip­pines. Scott Mof­fatt to­gether with his triplet sib 1990s. They were still in their teens then.

They dis­banded in 2001 and each one de­cided to fo­cus on their in­di­vid­ual pas­sions. Scott started a ca­reer as singer and the US and formed a duo called End­less Sum­mer. Their fra­ter­nal triplet Dave de­cided to for­get per­form­ing and be­came a yoga in­struc­tor in Toronto.

Manila for their re­union-cum-farewell The Mof­fafts con­cert. The three broth­ers said there’s no bet­ter place for them to say good­bye than the Philip­pines.

crowd. This coun­try em­braced our mu­sic more than any other coun­try. The peo­ple of the Philip­pines have ac­tu­ally stayed

Even though their brother Dave is not per­form­ing with them, The Mof­fatts prom­ise to give a per­for­mance that their - ing all their hits plus the new songs at the

writer, model and ac­tress Natalya Bron­zova. She came to the Philip­pines more fell in love with the coun­try. Be­cause of her fond­ness for the Philip­pines, she has writ­ten a book about these is­lands, and penned an­other one on for­mer Imelda Mar­cos.

the Philip­pines com­pelled her to leave a she and her hus­band were based.

“I now con­sider the Philip­pines my home,” she said.

to the Philip­pines Igor Kho­vaev in at­ten­dance. She re­ceived a lot of praise and pos­i­tive feed­back for her paint­ings.

“I am an artist at heart,” said Natalya dur­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with Showbuzz. “One thing that I re­ally want to do is to help strengthen the cul­tural ties be­tween help of the Philip­pine Se­nate Pres­i­dent’s wife and my good friend Jewel Lo­ba­tonPi­mentel and other friends, I know it’s re­ally pos­si­ble,” de­clared Natalya.

*** - ted that he and Me­gan Young are to­gether end­ing years of spec­u­la­tions from peo­ple about the real sta­tus of their re­la­tion­ship. They have been to­gether for six years now. The re­la­tion­ship started in Septem­ber, 2010

... Sen­a­tor Manny Pac­quiao con­firmed to Showbuzz that he is in­deed back to TV host­ing. He is slated to start his show on GMA in March, yes, in April in UAE.

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