Pre­par­ing for fam­ily health care be­fore any cri­sis strikes


WHAT would you do if an im­me­di­ate fam­ily mem­ber (a par­ent or a sib­ling) sud­denly got di­ag­nosed with a crit­i­cal ill­ness and needed sig­nif­i­cant you go in pro­vid­ing fi­nan­cial help, given that you also have know­ing that the fu­ture of your own fam­ily and kids may be

For the past few months, I’ve met a num­ber of peo­ple who have been hav­ing this kind of dilemma. I have a friend who has a brother un­der­go­ing dial­y­sis for failed kid­neys and spend­ing P30,000 – P40,000 per month for treat­ment. An­other friend has a brother who has been in and out of hos­pi­tal and spend­ing P100,000-P200,000 for ev mother of my col­league who has cancer has been un­der­go­ing chemo­ther­apy, and we all know how much the treat­ment costs.

There is one unique trait we, Filipinos, are known for and that is, we value fam­ily more than any­thing and we will do what­ever we can to sup­port our fam­ily. And I’m sure 90 per­cent of us will not think twice about giv­ing every­thing for our fam­ily even if it means en­dur­ing the

But these en­coun­ters with friends hav­ing fam­ily health and think­ing: What if it hap­pens to me, my fam­ily, how far will I my own fam­ily, with two kids. My par­ents are both still alive and well, manag­ing our mod­est fam­ily busi­ness, but are now in their 60s; I have a sis­ter who is an OFW, and a brother who is yet in his sec­ond year of med­i­cal school. I con­sider my­self part of the mid­dle class and to be hon­est, I don’t think I’m at a sup­port such fam­ily sit­u­a­tions at the mo­ment.

Since be­com­ing a fi­nan­cial ad­vi­sor, I have fur­ther un­der­stood the im­por­tance of money and the role it serves in our life. It is a very im­por­tant tool for a big­ger pur­pose we all want to achieve. We save be­cause we want to se­cure our fam­ily’s fu­ture. We want to have that peace of mind that there will be enough funds to cover our times of need. We in­vest be­cause we want to se­cure our dreams. We want the as­sur­ance we will have enough to be able to live that dream. We get health or life in­sur­ance be­cause we want to se­cure our in­come. We want to be as­sured that what­ever hap­pens to us, our fam­ily’s fu­ture is taken care of. We want that peace of mind that even if we get sick, we have enough to sup our fam­ily’s dreams.

The en­coun­ters I’ve shared al­lowed me to ap­pre­ci­ate more the value of sav­ing, in­vest­ing and get­ting health in­sur­ance. More im­por­tantly, they val­i­date the ad­vi­sors and the key role we play in peo­ple’s dreams. It is also not enough to just be able to save, in­vest and be in­sured, what’s equally im­por­tant is en­cour­ag­ing, con­vinc­ing or even de­mand­ing that peo­ple around us, es­pe­cially those we love dearly, to do so as well. Money Talks B2

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