Holy gua­camole! How Nafta drove Amer­ica’s av­o­cado boom


AL­THOUGH my wife and I re­spect your news­pa­per as one of the most bal­anced and “neu­tral” in re­cent months, it was very ap­palling for us to see that

car­ried an ar­ti­cle on Novem­ber 9, 2017, writ­ten “by about the, par­don the word, non­sense about “China 2nd in or­gan do­na­tions.” [Ar­ti­cle was con­trib­uted by

In the Western world it is al­ready well known that China has a multi- bil­lion­dol­lar or­gan trans­plant op­er­a­tion busi­ness, on­go­ing for many years. Please watch the 20 minute video at “This is a “must see” eye- opener video. It has ir­refutable ev­i­dence of what is in­di­cated in this let­ter and has lots of ev­i­dence which are of­ten com­ing from sources within China. Af­ter watch­ing the video, you and every­one else who saw it will un­der­stand that China will be try­ing des­per­ately to cover up this most bloody, most in­hu­man and most heinous crime: “State- sanc­tioned forced or­gan har­vest­ing” of in­no­cent peo­ple; and on­go­ing for more than 18 years.

Af­ter watch­ing this video called “Med­i­cal Geno­cide,” you will un­der­stand and also know that any in­for­ma­tion re­lated to China’s or­gan trans­plants, or­gan do­na­tions etc. needs to be very trans­par­ent, ver­i­fi­able and crit­i­cally looked at. Then, as a bal­anced news­pa­per, shouldn’t you at least let the reader know about the big con­tro­ver­sies re­lated to China’s or­gan “do­na­tion” sys­tem and trans­plant fig­ures?

“China’s trans­plant sys­tem has hor­ri­fied the world.” This was stated by no less than the pres­i­dent of The In­ter­na­tional Trans­plan­ta­tion So­ci­ety dur­ing a trans­plant con­fer­ence in Hong Kong in 2016. An ar­ti­cle re­lated to this can be found at

and this is just the tip of the ice­berg. And apro­pos China’s (un­of­fi­cial) spokesman on or­gan trans­plants and do­na­tion ac­tiv­i­ties in China, this Huang Jiefu seems to be guilty as any­thing of “forced live or­gan har­vest­ing,” most likely in the thou­sands. For more on this, please look at

Shouldn’t this man be in jail? Why is he still al­lowed to de­ceive the world, or to en­ter other coun­tries like the Philip­pines. From what I know, if he were to try to en­ter Spain, he would be ar­rested, due to their laws re­gard­ing or­gan traf­fick­ing.

I gave an in­ter­view re­cently to the pub­lisher of the in­di­cat­ing clearly why this sub­ject of China’s il­le­gal or­gan trans­plant busi­ness is some­thing very se­ri­ous and “why” it is im­por­tant for the Philip­pines to know about it. If you google “YouTube Min­doro in Fo­cus” you will find my in­ter­view (up­loaded on YouTube).

Tai­wan amended its or­gan trans­plant laws in 2015 be­cause of the or­gan trans­plant sit­u­a­tion in China, and they did this against “strong head­wind” from China. So, what did China do then? Af­ter China found out in 2013 what Tai­wan was planning to pre­vent Tai­wanese from fly­ing to China for or­gan trans­plants so they would not be­come ac­com­plices to mur­der, China of­fered the Tai­wanese DOH an or­gan ex­change. Mean­ing, if Tai­wan doesn’t have the or­gans, they can order them from us. China, in 2014, wanted to drag Tai­wan into their bloody, crim­i­nal busi­ness of forced or­gan har­vest­ing from liv­ing/ in­no­cent peo­ple. Luck­ily, Tai­wan was vig­i­lant enough and didn’t fall for it.

I write this to make read­ers aware that there might be strong at­tempts by China to do some­thing sim­i­lar here in the Philip­pines, per­haps even spurred on by our pres­i­dent’s very friendly re­la­tions with China.

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