Re­mem­ber­ing the dead

Palawan Daily News - - Editorial -

This week, ceme­ter­ies have been flooded with flow­ers, can­dles, and fam­ily mem­bers of those who have passed away, vis­it­ing the grave of their loved ones.

While this is more of cul­tural thing, re­gard­less of the ori­gin, the time to re­mem­ber our friends and fam­ily mem­bers who have died will make us to re­flect the life we have right now, rather than to fear death that might come our way, un­ex­pect­edly, in our own in­di­vid­ual tim­ing.

To oth­ers, this is a cel­e­bra­tion of life, while to some, to re­mem­ber the best of the mem­o­ries we have shared with them, for­get­ting the ones that hurt us and those that make us mis­er­able.

Re­mem­ber­ing our loved ones who passed away should not only hap­pen once a year, but in ev­ery­day of our life.

The pain and sor­row of los­ing them and the fear of meet­ing our own time could give us a grim re­al­ity that some­day, we are next.

But we should not be per­turbed with the fear of hear­ing sto­ries that the dead will haunt us and grab us to the grave.

The spir­its, the ghosts and ghoul­ish apparitions re­flect­ing the fig­ures, faces or even the phys­i­cal struc­ture of those who have per­ished will make us be­lieve that they are the wan­der­ing souls around us, ei­ther by try­ing to com­mu­ni­cate to us or to com­plete their un­fin­ished mis­sion here on earth.

How­ever, let us not be fooled by this be­cause the dead knows noth­ing and the breath has come back to God our Cre­ator. Yes, there might in­deed be the un­seen in­di­vid­u­als pry­ing on us – but th­ese are not the dead ones, but rather fallen an­gels that bring fear and emo­tional havoc on us.

Soon, the best part of all of th­ese, is when we will be reunited all to­gether in the Sec­ond Com­ing of Je­sus Christ our Sav­ior.

Hu­mans as we are, we are all bound to the same place where they are now. But while we are alive, let us make use the best of it – to do what is right, to show the love we ought to share, and to care to those who mat­ter in our lives.

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