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As soon as I re­moved that grad­u­a­tion toga and stepped in­side the room, I knew that I was busted. Why? Well, it was be­cause I am now known as a “high school” stu­dent. From that day on, I felt like trans­port­ing to the next chap­ter of my life; the part in my ed­u­ca­tion life­style to be a ma­ture young lady. My ex­pec­ta­tions of en­ter­ing high school First off, ev­ery­one starts with the cliche “first im­pres­sions” of the stu­dent. My first im­pres­sion? It’s a bit sim­i­lar to the re­al­ity of what ac­tu­ally hap­pened. It was that high school would mean: new teach­ers, ad­di­tional sub­jects, new friends and in­ter­ests, or back at it again with the chaos. Sure, I did ex­pect harder lessons, but the mind-bog­gling lec­tures were less hard than I thought. Maybe I just re­ally im­proved my lis­ten­ing skills. When I found out that I wasn’t go­ing to be class­mates with my for­mer friends, I got ner­vous, since I didn’t know whom to chat or eat lunch with. Not to men­tion that I be- came lone­lier since I was re­ally left out. But then I made new friends, and I am cur­rently in a new squad. Sec­ond, it was the rum­bling things that boggle my mind and tummy. We were the fresh­men and new­bies of high school! We could never win against our se­niors who are like, al­ready in level 9000. Even though we had some vic­to­ri­ous mo­ments, we still felt in­signif­i­cant. To be hon­est, join­ing com­pe­ti­tions with se­niors is a pretty good boost for self-es­teem and at the same time, learn­ing to be hum­ble and pes­simistic. A fresh start For all the “new­bies” of high school, here’s a lit­tle ad­vice. Don’t be ex­pect­ing neg­a­tive out­comes, be­cause, in high school, there will be some. But you have to show optimism. For a for­mer Per­se­ver­ance stu­dent like me, we al­ways cheer our sec­tion. I may not master this my­self, but please! Sleep early, to pre­vent eye bags on your pre­cious face. Even if I try my best to sleep early and eat right, I can­not do that most of the time be­cause of projects, as­sign­ments, quizzes, and oth­ers. And that is why you should also use time man­age­ment; be­cause in high school, your hands will be full every day. De­spite all the hard­ships, re­mem­ber that you’ve been in ele­men­tary for six years, and you’ll be in high school as only four (but if Grade 1112 is counted in, oh dear)… But, Just let that sink in! If you con­quered six years of chaos, you can also con­quer years of stress! And then se­nior high comes around… There’s no need to worry! For my first days of high school, I was free as a but­ter­fly, but then the frogs came and con­sumed me. Oops. In my case, when I was con­sumed by the stress and dilem­mas, I just tried find­ing the mo­ti­va­tion to get my­self out by watch­ing re­lax­ing things and lis­ten­ing to mu­sic in my free time. But it would “re­ally” help if you eat nu­tri­tious and brain en­er­giz­ing food. In high school, putting ef­fort into some­thing can in­crease the like­li­hood of higher grades, and points come from par­tic­i­pa­tion. Try be­ing at­ten­tive and be par­tic­i­pa­tive when it comes to tasks, group works, or com­pe­ti­tion since you would re­ally gain ex­tra-cur­ric­u­lar points if you want. Just live the life and go for the gold. Join clubs! I joined clubs, and these re­ally widened my knowl­edge, in­ter­ests, and un­der­stand­ings. Re­mem­ber to widen your cre­ativ­ity, since these are pri­or­i­ties when it comes to cri­te­ria for high school PTs. The most im­por­tant thing you have to do and re­mem­ber is to have fun (but the fun I mean is learn­ing “fun.” Don’t put too much fun over stud­ies.). Find some mo­ti­va­tions and friends to help you along the ways and paths of strug­gle, be­cause it re­ally helps. Per­for­mance tasks can be en­ter­tain­ing and time-con­sum­ing in a good way, in­stead of ly­ing in bed at home and do­ing noth­ing pro­duc­tive. If you work hard, it will af­fect your fu­ture at­ti­tude too and make you re­flect on it. High school may be the hard­est, but it will be the most mem­o­rable! Be­cause some­day, you’ll re­mem­ber be­ing a fresh­man in high school. And one day, as a se­nior, you may be able to help the high school new­bies.

If you con­quered six years of chaos, you can also con­quer years of stress! And then se­nior high comes around...

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