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WROTE two  con­sec­u­tive col­umns  on May 9  and  16 con­cern­ing the  re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion of  the  Ba­tiano  River which has been ne­glected in con­trast to the con­tin­u­ing de­vel­op­ments that we  see on its twin- river body, the Iloilo River.

We are there­fore  glad to read du­pli­cate their jobs? in on May  24, 2017 Well, hope that the new of the prompt ac­tion taken by the I l oilo River Pa­trol body will

Panay News city gov­ern­ment on the prob­lem by con­duct  reg­u­lar in­spec­tion and form­ing a new river pa­trol team for main­tain the cleanliness of both the pur­pose of mon­i­tor­ing closely the Iloilo and  Ba­tiano rivers, and both the Iloilo River and its “sis­ter” more  es­pe­cially  the lat­ter water body Ba­tiano  River. where there is a need  to re­store its

This new Iloilo River Pa­trol nav­i­ga­ble sta­tus up to  Ba­tiano Bridge was launched Tues­day last week in  Oton town  which used  to be an old as an in­ter- agency gov­ern­ment trad­ing  port. col­lab­o­ra­tion for the group. Mem­bers Those houses  on the banks of the in­cluded the 1) City En­vi­ron­ment Ba­tiano River  in Barangay Boule­vard and Nat­u­ral Re­sources Of­fice, 2) in Molo district must be in­spected by City Agri­cul­ture Of­fice, Bureau the Iloilo River Pa­trol group and  see of Fish­eries and Aquatic Re­sources, how  the res­i­dents can be re­lo­cated 4) Depart­ment of En­vi­ron­ment at some dis­tance from the river bank. and Na­tional  Re­sources (DENR) – Why not also in­volve in the En­vi­ron­ment Man­age­ment Bureau, cleanup and main­te­nance of our 5) Philip­pine Na­tional Po­lice, rivers the Barangay Kap­i­tanes  of Philip­pine Coast Guard and  7) the the ar­eas en­com­passed by our  two Depart­ment of Pub­lic Works and water bod­ies? High­ways. All Ilong­gos should be proud of what

In our col­umn of May 16, 2017, our new En­vi­ron­ment sec­re­tary  Roy we men­tioned  of the Iloilo-Ba­tiano Ci­matu told  re­porters  dur­ing his visit River Sys­tem ( IBRS) that was set two weeks ago  at the Iloilo River up by DENR  on Nov. 26, 2009 and Es­planade  ac­com­pa­nied by  Mayor des­ig­nated as a Water Qual­ity Jed  Pa­trick Ma­bilog. said  that he Man­age­ment Area  (WQMA) un­der has not seen  a river as clean as the Ad­min­is­tra­tive Or­der  No. 11, Iloilo River! Se­ries of 2009. has a gov­ern­ing An­other com­pli­ment  from him board of 21 mem­bers from  var­i­ous was his opin­ion that gov­ern­ment agen­cies. How  can the

“lessons from func­tions of the old IBRS  body now be

the Iloilo River preser­va­tion pro­gram co­or­di­nated with the newly formed

could  help save other rivers and  bod­ies Iloilo  River Pa­trol so they will not of water in the coun­try like the Pasig River, La­guna Lake and  Manila Bay.” THE

Now the newly-or­ga­nized Iloilo River Pa­trol Group will have the chal­lenge to make the Ba­tiano River as clean as its twin river body, Iloilo River.

We re­mem­ber  our reader named Ed­ward when we wrote of the Iloilo River  in  our col­umn se­ries in 2009.

To at­tract tourists, he sug­gested that we in­tro­duce the at the Iloilo River like that  in  Venice, Italy.

gon­do­las He cited the ris­ing tourist city of Ma­cau that adopted the gon­do­las of  Venice for tour­ing in  their canals and they  have be­come now their great­est tourist at­trac­tions. the boat­men and gon­dola singers they have there  are mostly Filipinos.

With its twin-river sys­tem that are both nav­i­ga­ble, he be­lieves that  Iloilo  can  be­come the Venice of the Philip­pines!

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