Ilonggo artists join ‘Him­bon’

“HIM­BON” is Hili­gaynon for gath­er­ing or group­ing to­gether. It sig­ni­fies unity. But it is a term that also in­sin­u­ates col­lu­sion, par­tic­i­pa­tion, even con­nivance.

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Ilonggo artists have been gath­er­ing, group­ing, and re-group­ing for sev­eral decades al­ready – form­ing com­mu­ni­ties with match­ing in­ter­ests, per­son­al­i­ties and kin­dred spir­its – to as­sert them­selves and their art.

At times, th­ese group­ings suc­ceeded – but there were also times when the ini­tial bang eas­ily turned into a whim­per, af­ter the first surge. But credit must be given to the Ilonggo artist for his/her re­solve and sin­gle­mind­ed­ness to thrive in the face of un­re­li­able art pa­tron­age.

August is of­ten re­ferred to as “tagk­iliwi” in Ilonggo cul­ture be­cause rise har­vest is still a few months away. Scarcity and a hard life char­ac­ter­ize the month.

“Him­bon” seeks to once again be a sig­nal of the Ilonggo artists’ as­ser­tion, if not de­fi­ance of cir­cum­stan­tial odds posed against a life de­voted to art – a life typ­i­cally lived in dif­fi­culty, a life al­ways in the pe­riod of “tagk­iliwi.”

The en­deavor is in­ter­est­ing be­cause it shows the lo­cal art veterans, the award-win­ning, and the neo­phytes all come to­gether for one ex­hibit – 47 strong – to put on an ex­hi­bi­tion and af­firm that a life lived for art is not a waste of time.

While some may dis­miss “Him­bon” as a gra­tu­itous amal­gam, it is ac­tu­ally burst­ing with virtues: tenac­ity, truth­ful­ness, self­dis­ci­pline, sin­cer­ity, ide­al­ism, in­tegrity as well as con­cern, con­sid­er­a­tion, and com­mit­ment for art and for fel­low artists.

“Him­bon” was ex­hib­ited on the ground floor of SM City Iloilo from Aug. 17 to 27./

“Tran­si­tional Womb,” fab­ric paint on wo­ven fab­ric by Ad­hara Se­buado. “Miss­ing You 2,” cold cast mar­ble by Harry Mark Gon­za­les.

“In­side Love’s Garden” (Mana­ture Se­ries Opus 139), acrylic col­lage on can­vas by Ed De­fen­sor.

“Pa-On,” mixed me­dia by Jounin Su­mile.

“Inosenti,” acrylic on board by Jecko Ma­gal­lon.

“Ka­pawa (Il­lu­mi­na­tion),” oil on can­vas by Marrz Ca­panag.

“i in­spi­ra­tion,” oil on can­vas by Jonn Laserna.

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