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Oc­to­ber 14, 2017 (Satur­day) 27th Week in Or­di­nary Time Psalter: Week 2/(Green/Red/ White) St. Cal­lis­tus I, pope & mar­tyr/Memo­rial of Blessed Vir­gin Mary 1st Read­ing: Jl 4:12-21 Ps 97:1-2, 5-6, 11-12 Re­joice in the Lord, you just!

Gospel: Lk 11:27-28

As Je­sus was speak­ing, a woman spoke from the crowd and said to him, “Blessed is the one who gave you birth and nursed you!” Je­sus replied, “Truly blessed are those who hear the word of God, and keep it as well.”


When my mother was still alive, she told me many times that her friends, class­mates and co-work­ers in the Church praised her be­cause of me be­ing a priest. The late arch­bish- op Le­gaspi many times spoke that blessed are those who have priests or nuns in the fam­ily. In­deed, it is true. When I was or­dained a priest, many greeted my mother. Dur­ing my sil­ver sac­er­do­tal an­niver­sary, more praised her. On her death that blessed­ness was even more man­i­fested when masses were cel­e­brated in our res­i­dence ev­ery­day one af­ter another by bish­ops and priests. Be­cause of her grand­daugh­ter nun, re­li­gious sis­ters flock to our res­i­dence. Dur­ing the funeral, hun­dreds of priests and bish­ops con­cel­e­brated with the arch­bishop. The en­tire city said, truly blessed is the fam­ily that has a priest and a nun.

Mary, the mother of Je­sus is praised and con­sid­ered blessed be­cause of her son, Je­sus. How­ever, for Je­sus, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and ob­serve it.” More than be­ing a bi­o­log­i­cal mother, Mary is blessed among women be­cause she lis­tened to the word of God, pon­dered it and acted on it.

It is said that blood is thicker than wa­ter. For Je­sus, it is not that much. “He who does the will of my Fa­ther, is my mother, my brother, my sis­ter” (Mk. 3:34-35) Blessed­ness can be at­tained by all.

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