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When­ever I hear and read news about the fer­vent ad­vo­cacy of the Com­mu­nist Party of the Philip­pines (CPP) on “hu­man rights” and “up­hold­ing civil and po­lit­i­cal rights,” I can’t help but be re­minded of the id­iom “put your money where your mouth is.” It couldn’t be more ac­cu­rate on de­pict­ing how the CPP uses sug­ary words to de­ceive the Filipino peo­ple.

Be­ing an “all talk, no ac­tion” group, I think it has no right to play hu­man rights cham­pion for all of us be­cause it, too, is a proven hu­man rights vi­o­la­tor.

For one, it keeps on reneg­ing from its obli­ga­tions un­der the Com­pre­hen­sive Agree­ment on Re­spect for Hu­man Rights and In­ter­na­tional Hu­man­i­tar­ian Law, i.e., not to in­volve non­com­bat­ants from armed con­flicts. This not­with­stand­ing, it keeps on plun­der­ing and sow­ing ter­ror in com­mu­ni­ties, which dis­rupt peace, or­der, and progress, es­pe­cially of those lo­cated in far-flung ar­eas.

Sec­ond, and which I con­sider as the most de­spi­ca­ble of all, is it in­volves the in­no­cent and promis­ing Filipino youth in the re­al­iza­tion of its das­tardly and crim­i­nal ob­jec­tives. In a UN re­port re­leased just re­cently, the New Peo­ple’s Army (NPA), which hap­pens to be the armed wing of the CPP, is still among those groups that have “not put in place mea­sures… to im­prove the pro­tec­tion of chil­dren.”

I am con­vinced that the CPP-NPA is a wretched en­tity hid­ing un­der the cloth of ap­par­ent and pre­ten­tious right­eous­ness and prin­ci­ples. In­deed, if its mem­bers seek the re­al­iza­tion of the ba­sic tenets and/or prin­ci­ples of “jus­tice and eq­uity” or “equal­ity,” which they are al­legedly fight­ing for decades al­ready, they must stop all these stu­pid­ity, drop their arms like what the Moro Is­lamic Lib­er­a­tion Front did, and sit down to dis­cuss what could be done with their sen­ti­ments with the gov­ern­ment. If they are true to their words, they must ex­hibit the will­ing­ness to de­clare a truce and stop wag­ing armed con­flicts.

It couldn’t be agreed more that it is only when the CPP’s lip ser­vice stops that ac­tion­able and real peace ne­go­ti­a­tion starts.

With the es­ca­lat­ing vi­o­lence and con­tra­dic­tions man­i­fested by the CPP-NPA, I don’t know where on earth our gov­ern­ment is get­ting its pa­tience and tol­er­ance.

Pray­ing for a last­ing peace for this na­tion,

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