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"Give thanks in all cir­cum­stances; grate­ful­ness is the mother of all virtues" HAN­K­FUL­NESS is the recog­ni­tion of God as the one who cre­ated all that is good and is the ex­pres­sion of ap­pre­ci­a­tion for all He has done. Thank­ful­ness should be a nat­u­ral re­sponse for us. Un­for­tu­nately, we al­ways take God’s many gifts for granted and for­get to give him thanks.

TWhat are these many gifts that God has given us? We can start count­ing them from the mo­ment we wake up in the morn­ing: new life, new strength, be­ing able to breathe, see, smell, hear, and rise up in good con­di­tion. And al­though there are those who find them­selves rid­den in hospi­tal beds and are not as phys­i­cally able as oth­ers, their share of bless­ings is still un­de­ni­able, such as loved ones who care, pray, and show their con­cern.

The amount of bless­ings that each one re­ceives varies: some are big and over­flow­ing, while oth­ers ap­pear mea­ger and in­signif­i­cant. How­ever, there is re­ally no sin­gle stan­dard upon which we should base how much we are be­ing blessed. God knows ex­actly what each per­son needs at a par­tic­u­lar time and cir­cum­stance. We must stop com­par­ing what­ever we re­ceive with those which oth­ers do, as each one has a dif­fer­ent need in each sea­son. All too of­ten, we see what we don’t have and for­get those we abound in. As a re­sult, many peo­ple live mis­er­ably in spite of the bless­ings they so over­whelm­ingly re­ceive.

We learn from the story of ten lep­ers that Je­sus no­tices when we are thank­ful and when we are not. When the lep­ers asked Je­sus to heal their dis­ease, he was glad to do so, but as they dis­cov­ered their mirac­u­lous heal­ing only one of the ten went back to thank him. Je­sus com­mended that per­son but won­dered

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