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UN­DER the present regime, I am at a loss de­ter­min­ing how this ex­pec­ta­tion got lost in mat­ters of de­cent par­lia­men­tary lingo and truth­ful news re­leases. It had gone hay­wire from the much mis­un­der­stood Pres­i­dent to the worst writ­ten posts in the In­ter­net. No won­der there is a sug­ges­tion in Con­gress to pass a law re­quir­ing se­nior high school stu­dents to in­clude the sub­ject, jour­nal­ism, in their cur­ricu­lum. The first con­cern are the FAKE NEWS. The po­lit­i­cal bat­tles among the Yel­low­tards, Blue­tards, and the Duter­tards are daily news feeds in the social media. The need for an hon­or­able, ed­u­cated, and re­fined mien start­ing with the Pres­i­dent is badly felt. Fol­low the leader, so many ci­ti­zens are as un­couth. It is sim­ple , us­ing your in­stinct and wise judg­ment in read­ing, you will know what are fake.

The writ­ers of op­pos­ing po­lit­i­cal news are fa­mous for their tirades on their po­lit­i­cal en­e­mies us­ing in­de­cent, char­ac­ter as­sas­si­na­tion post, mud-sling­ing, and un­couth state­ments.

Let me re­mind all of them that po­lit­i­cal par­ties ex­ist in a repub­lic with a demo­cratic con­sti­tu­tion. We have ma­jor po­lit­i­cal party which wins in an elec­tion sanc­tioned by the govern­ment and the mi­nor­ity party, the one which lost. They are sup­posed to work as check and bal­ance agents in watch­ing how the par­ties rule the coun­try. They are not there to quar­rel but to of­fer pos­i­tive al­ter­na­tives when they see de­fects on ei­ther side. Did we ever see this now? I still have to hear a peace­ful ex­change of ideas for the good of the coun­try. Now they ar­gue end­lessly on vested in­ter­ests goals.

They dis­re­spect even pri­ests and nuns in their tirades as we see now. The regime had re­peat­edly shown this. The pres­i­dent is vo­cal about this. He con­tra­dicts him­self that he rec­og­nizes God and serves him alone but his ac­tions do not show its im­ple­men­ta­tion.

Right now, the Philip­pines is on the top 10, suf­fer­ing from mis­rule and crit­i­cal state of con­fu­sion in the whole world. But we read news re­ports about our Pres­i­dent be­ing cited as a model leader. What is the truth? We see a cul­ture of killings and vi­o­lence re­sult­ing in the ques­tion­ing of the ex­tra­ju­di­cial crimes. The pres­i­dent has to rule the way he thinks best. He wants to change the Bureau of Cus­toms to a more cor­rup­tion free set up. He wants to dis­band three other bu­reaus. He wants to form a bureau against cor­rup­tion.

The Philip­pine govern­ment is com­posed of three branches in­de­pen­dent of one an­other. The first is the Ex­ec­u­tive which is ruled by the pres­i­dent and agen­cies per­ti­nent to ex­ec­u­tive af­fairs. The sec­ond is Leg­isla­tive con­cerned with the pro­mul­ga­tion of laws af­ter ex­haus­tive de­lib­er­a­tions in the lower con­gress and the higher se­nate. The third is Ju­di­ciary with a team of the head, Chief Jus­tice, As­so­ciate Jus­tices, and the speaker of the Supreme Court. On im­peach­ment pro­ceed­ings only of­fi­cials sub­ject to im­peach­ment may be im­peached. The rul­ing Pres­i­dent is im­mune from this.

We have the right to de­mand a gov­er­nance with­out overt signs of lead­er­ship of a bud­ding dic­ta­tor­ship. We be­long to a Fam­ily of na­tions which are our bi­lat­eral al­liances namely the Asean, Euro­pean Union, United King­dom, and United Na­tions. The pres­i­dent had es­tab­lished close al­liance with China and lately Rus­sia. He is fi­nally ac­cept­ing a bi­lat­eral al­liance with United States of Amer­ica. I wish I know the vested in­ter­est he has af­ter ob­ject­ing to this move all along. We are all for th­ese al­liances be­cause no coun­try can ex­ist alone in this world. We pray for a bright fu­ture for our coun­try, the Pearl of the Ori­ent Seas. For com­ments text mo­bile no.09202112534.

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