Mil­len­ni­als and eter­nal life

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what is a full life, a com­plete one, lim­it­less.”

Young peo­ple to­day ask ques­tions. But the ques­tion most mil­len­ni­als would seem to ask to­day is“Why?” It is pos­si­ble be­cause for far too long we have been con­sid­ered as mere “par­tic­i­pants or ob­servers” some­times mere ob­jects in so­ci­ety and in the church even prob­lems to be solved. But to­day we want to be gla­di­a­tors and di­rec­tors of our own lives. I am a mil­len­nial, too.

One so­cial com­men­ta­tor stated that “Mil­len­ni­als who ask the ques­tion ‘Why?’ don’t ask it to be re­bel­lious, or to be a pain, or to skip all the hard work be­cause we’re im­pa­tient but rather it is the re­sult of our par­ents sim­ply giv­ing us too many par­tic­i­pa­tion awards. Mil­len­ni­als don’t ask this ques­tion out of im­pa­tience.” We ask be­cause we want to take part, to pro­vide value and do things bet­ter, to im­prove.

It is easy to put the blame on the mil­len­ni­als - to judge them as lazy and self-cen­tered. They merely are try­ing and striv­ing to sur­vive in a world they re­ceived and not cre­ated for them­selves. Maybe it is time we lis­ten to them.

The young man - sin­cere in his de­sire to in­herit eter­nal life asked Je­sus what he must do. But a young per­son would cer­tainly ask Je­sus to­day, “Why would I want eter­nal life?” The young man in the gospel to­day un­der­stood that there is more to life than fol­low­ing


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