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You have two choices: to be­lieve it or not. We’re talk­ing about para­nor­mal ex­pe­ri­ences here. While some in­sist that the para­nor­mal ex­ists only in one’s imag­i­na­tive mind, oth­ers be­lieve that para­nor­mal ex­pe­ri­ences are caused by forces beyond what sci­ence can ex­plain. For be­liev­ers, what’s im­por­tant is it shouldn't cause harm on any­one. Now that All Souls’ Day is just around the cor­ner, it’s that time of year when para­nor­mal sto­ries do their rounds. SunS­tar Week­end asked read­ers this ques­tion: “What para­nor­mal ex­pe­ri­ence have you en­coun­tered?” Here are the strange, if not scary, sto­ries they have to share:

ABBY L. MARANGA, 22 Free­lancer

“My room was sit­u­ated in the sec­ond floor of our old house back then. I was us­ing the com­puter late that night when I no­ticed a shadow be­ing cast on the wall near the area where I sat. Since there was light com­ing from the out­side, the shadow was sort of clear to me that it was a man. I didn’t mind it be­cause I thought it was just some­one from the neigh­bor­hood. The fol­low­ing day, it was then that I re­al­ized that I was ac­tu­ally in the sec­ond floor of our house to where it is im­pos­si­ble for any­one to sneak at my room. Who could that be?”


“I don’t know if this is a real para­nor­mal ex­pe­ri­ence but this ex­pe­ri­ence re­ally scared the hell out of me. It hap­pened on the night be­fore my grandma’s burial. I was sleep­ing alone in my room and was sure that I locked the door. I fell asleep and later on I started to ex­pe­ri­ence sleep paral­y­sis. I can feel my heart pound­ing big time and I was hardly breath­ing. I felt my body turn numb and I was quite sure that if I can’t wake up I’m gonna die. In what seemed like a few sec­onds later (while still hav­ing that damned paral­y­sis), I saw the creepy shadow of a per­son.

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