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It’s in the cloud. If ever you re­turned back in time and you start talk­ing about data found in the cloud, peo­ple would prob­a­bly look up and won­der if you’re crazy or just plain stupid. Who would ever thought that we are now in the cloud tech­nol­ogy? All elec­tronic de­vices and even busi­ness mod­els and soft­ware are all di­rected to cloud tech­nol­ogy.

Re­cently, Adobe de­cided to up their game with their in­volve­ment in cloud tech­nol­ogy. They have been in this direc­tion for the last three years when they de­cided to shift to Creative Cloud, and now a ma­jor up­date with Light­room. There’s now two Light­room ver­sions: one is the Clas­sic Light­room and the other is Light­room CC.

The Clas­sic is the same old re­li­able and pow­er­ful soft­ware for pho­tog­ra­phers work­ing on their desk­tops. The newly in­tro­duced LR CC is for the on- the- go pho­tog­ra­pher who wants ac­cess to his files any­time through any mo­bile de­vice con­nected to the web. The ap­pli­ca­tion works ex­actly the same whether in desk­top or in your mo­bile de­vice.

The LR CC, though, is not as so­phis­ti­cated as the clas­sic ver­sion. There’s a lot of tools and fea­tures that are not avail­able. In my type of work with Light­room, the miss­ing tools are some of the im­por­tant ones that I use in my nor­mal work­flow. I think that the direc­tion is di­rected to the hob­by­ist and con­sumer-type of user.

If for pur­poses of easy web shar­ing, I’d still use Drop­box as my main cloud stor­age site. If you’ll com­pare Adobe CC and Drop­box per­for­mance in terms of cloud stor­age re­li­a­bil­ity, I think Drop­box is way bet­ter. Maybe they should buy Drop­box in­stead since even if I’ll com­pare

it with Google Drive, I’d still go for Drop­box.

My en­tire pho­to­graphic work­flow is con­nected to Drop­box. When send­ing large files to clients, I just give them a link and I can even put an ex­pi­ra­tion on the link. My port­fo­lio is both in my web­site and in my Drop­box. I have smaller file sizes of the pho­tos for shar­ing, and hi- res for print­ing and other pur­pose.

Stor­age is still a ma­jor prob­lem when pho­tog­ra­phy shifted to dig­i­tal. Most of the ex­ter­nal stor­age de­vices are still sus­cep­ti­ble to dam­age in the long run. DVD is not re­li­able since it is eas­ily dam­aged and be­comes un­read­able at times. Back­ing up you file in the cloud would be a sen­si­ble thing to do. Only the es­sen­tial ones, of course.

The sub­scrip­tion to cloud stor­age is get­ting af­ford­able and in­ter­net in­fras­truc­ture is way faster to­day than the last cou­ple of years. It can still im­prove, though, but def­i­nitely a lot bet­ter than be­fore. Cloud ser­vices are def­i­nitely the fu­ture. It’s go­ing to be part of ev­ery­day trans­ac­tions, and whether you like it or not, you have to join the band­wagon at some point.

Keep on shooting, ev­ery­one!

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