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Since I’ve been talk­ing about food in­tol­er­ance in my re­cent ar­ti­cles, let’s look at one of the most trend­ing in­tol­er­ances — gluten. Gluten sen­si­tiv­ity has been a hot topic in the past decade and like many new “di­ets,” a large por­tion of the pub­lic eas­ily fol­low suit es­pe­cially when they hear of celebri­ties go­ing on a par­tic­u­lar diet. That is usu­ally how fad di­ets come about, but the modern di­ets we see trend­ing these days are not nec­es­sar­ily just fad di­ets. Fad di­ets could be med­i­cally pre­scribed di­ets that are taken out of con­text be­cause of ex­ploita­tion by the in­dus­try and mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion by the me­dia.

The gluten-free diet, among sev­eral oth­ers, is an ex­am­ple of a med­i­cally ap­pro­pri­ate diet that gained a fad diet la­bel be­cause of its mis­use. It is rec­om­mended for peo­ple with proven gluten sen­si­tiv­ity as prop­erly eval­u­ated by a med­i­cal doc­tor or nutri­tion­ist-di­eti­tian.

Celiac Dis­ease is prob­a­bly the only gluten sen­si­tiv­ity you know about, which sub­jects a per­son to go on a gluten-free diet, but there are ac­tu­ally sev­eral forms of gluten sen­si­tiv­ity—wheat al­lergy and the more re­cently coined non-celiac gluten sen­si­tiv­ity (NCGS). Celiac Dis­ease is a ge­netic, au­toim­mune dis­ease trig­gered by gluten and is known to only af­fect 1% of the pop­u­la­tion across the globe. How­ever, more re­cent stud­ies are show­ing that gluten sen­si­tiv­ity is a grow­ing con­di­tion even in Asia and non-celiac gluten sen­si­tiv­ity is a more com­mon form, af­fect­ing at least 50%

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