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1st week in or­di­nary time

Ps 95:6-7c, 8-9, 10-11 / 1st Read­ing: Heb 3:7-14 / Gospel: Mk 1:40-45


“He be­came obe­di­ent unto death.“(Phil 2:8)

The “Right Or­der“that Je­sus told John to be fol­lowed at his bap­tism in the Jor­dan also meant the obe­di­ence God ex­pected from both John the Bap­tist and from Je­sus, the Ser­vant of Yah­weh. “Lis­ten” or “Obey” is a fun­da­men­tal com­mand­ment. Sin es­sen­tially is dis­obe­di­ence.

Je­sus demands obe­di­ence, too. The leper is com­manded to go to the pri­est and of­fer the sac­ri­fice stip­u­lated in Leviti­cus 14. The leper presents him­self to the pri­est who cer­ti­fies that he is clean through the sac­ri­fice of a bird that has its blood sprin­kled on the leper. A cedar wood that is like­wise dipped in the blood. One can see a fore­shad­ow­ing of the sac­ri­fice of Je­sus on Cal­vary. To cleanse sin­ners, Je­sus will stretch out his hands on the cross! Thus, it be­comes even clearer that Je­sus, by his sol­i­dar­ity with hu­man­ity em­braced the cost of be­ing hu­man, death, and that this death will be by way of the cross!

We who have been cleansed of lep­rosy (sins) have to present our­selves to the High Pri­est, Je­sus Christ, and of­fer the true sac­ri­fice that cleanses our sins, the Eucharist! We must obey the “right or­der“set by the Fa­ther!

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