Lower mango prod’n due to lack of know-how, say

Sun.Star Davao - - BUSINESS - By Jen­nie P. Arado

A DWIN­DLING pro­duc­tion in the mango in­dus­try can be at­trib­uted to the mango con­trac­tors and the lack of proper know-how of mango farmers, said of­fi­cial.

Sama­han ng Mag­ma­mangga ng Davao Re­gion, Inc. (SMDRI) chair­man Richard Olores said a few years back the mango in­dus­try in the re­gion can still pro­duce eight to 12 tons of man­goes per hectare. But re­cently, it was re­duced to only three to five tons per hectare.

De­crease in pro­duc­tion was mainly be­cause of the mango farmers not en­tirely hands on with their farms ac­cord­ing to SMDRI sec­re­tary Wil­fredo Se­buco dur­ing yes­ter­day’s Habi at Kape at Abreeza Ayala Malls.

“This could be prob­a­bly be­cause they lack cap­i­tal, they lack proper tech­nol­ogy know-how, or they do not have ac­cess in the market. They are ex­ploited by the con­trac­tors who are very good in mar­ket­ing, fi­nanc­ing. So if the con­trac­tors fail, the farmers are also in the los­ing end. So for so many times that con­trac­tors fail, farmers al­ready thought of con­vert­ing their mango farms into other fruit-bear­ing tree plan­ta­tions,” Se­buco said.

Olores added the fail­ure of con­trac­tors is some­times be­cause of farm overuse and lack of proper fer­til­iza­tion. He said man­goes should only be bear­ing fruits once a year.

“Most of the small mango grow­ers part­ner with con­trac­tors in grow­ing and look­ing after their mango farms. They are not the ones who will de­clare the prices of the mango any­more. That’s why other farmers are dis­cour­aged by mango farm­ing and de­cide to cut their trees and plant ba­nanas in­stead. With ba­nanas, they can also make out their own prices. With man­goes, small grow­ers had ex­pe­ri­enced that the con­trac­tors are the ones who will de­clare the prices and where they would market the mango. Farmers can’t dic­tate the prices,” Olores said.

Se­buco said they have con­sulted this prob­lem with the Depart­ment of Agri­cul­ture (DA). In turn, DA plans to come up with a pro­cess­ing plant for mango to buy di­rectly from the farmers and not any­more from mid­dle­men. Through this, pric­ing of the man­gos will be de­clared prop­erly.


SAMA­HAN ng Mag­ma­mangga ng Davao Re­gion, Inc. (SMDRI) chair­man Richard Olores said the de­crease in mango pro­duc­tion can be at­trib­uted to the lack of proper know-how of mango farmers and de­pen­dence on mango con­trac­tors.

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