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To im­prove com­pre­hen­sion in skills and knowl­edge in Agri­cul­tural Arts, it is im­por­tant that com­ple­tions and mod­ern­iza­tions be made easy and more di­rectly per­cep­ti­ble. Ed­u­ca­tional de­vices, equip­ment, tools and ma­te­ri­als on present con­cepts should be made avail­able or de­velop in a man­ner that cre­ates in­ter­est in the learner and mo­ti­vates him or her to study, mak­ing Agri­cul­tural Arts teach­ing much more ef­fec­tive in at­tain­ing its goals and ob­jec­tives, the enhancement of life through tech­nol­ogy.

The in­te­gra­tion of com­puter tech­nol­ogy in teach­ing Agri­cul­tural Arts is the so­lu­tion. Re­cent re­search sup­ports ed­u­ca­tional tech­nol­ogy as an ef­fec­tive tool to im­prove learn­ing and mo­ti­va­tion. They proved that in­ter­net ap­pli­ca­tions and com­puter-based mul­ti­me­dia are ef­fec­tive tools for learn­ing.

The teach­ing of Agri­cul­tural Arts in high school is part of the re­quired ba­sic ed­u­ca­tion pro­gram in TLE, wherein stu­dents ex­plore and spe­cial­ized their skills and knowl­edge. Stu­dents in their stud­ies of Agri­cul­tural Arts should be aware of the present con­di­tions ex­ist­ing in their lo­cal­i­ties in par­tic­u­lar, and the coun­try in gen­eral, con­cern­ing the re­cent agri­cul­tural, marine and in­dus­trial de­vel­op­ments as th­ese are the prime fac­tors that de­ter­mine the progress of our coun­try.

It is un­der­stand­able there­fore that Agri­cul­tural Arts should re­ceived spe­cial at­ten­tion in the ed­u­ca­tional sec­tor, not merely to de­velop well skilled farm­ers or to im­part a body of knowl­edge but more to de­velop the in­di­vid­u­als ca­pa­bil­ity, to use technological ad­vance wisely for per­sonal, na­tional and so­ci­etal good, for this and suc­ceed­ing gen­er­a­tions. — oOo— The au­thor is Teacher III at Justino Sevilla High School, Arayat, Pam­panga

Teach­ing is a fo­cused uti­liza­tion of knowl­edge where its at­tributes are an­chored to the ba­sic ed­u­ca­tional needs of the pop­u­lace.

If asked what mo­ti­vated me to en­ter the field of teach­ing, I could hon­estly give you this as an an­swer. “Teach­ing was not my first pri­or­ity, ca­reer wise.” “I was hop­ing then that I could be one of those in el­e­gant suit in­side the trial court de­fend­ing a case or one of those in the boob tube de­liv­er­ing news in the prime­time slot.” Back then, tak­ing a course not con­gru­ent to my as­pi­ra­tion was a des­per­ate move. I was forced to take it due to fi­nan­cial con­straint and I was not the pri­or­ity to be given fo­cus with in terms of ed­u­ca­tional at­tain­ment.

How­ever, the re­ward of my be­ing a men­tor in the public school made me re­al­ized how im­por­tant my task is as it sur­passes the dis­ap­point­ments I have felt for not re­al­iz­ing th­ese two failed dreams I have wanted to be like years back. In teach­ing, I have had the chance to work in a youth­ful and dy­namic en­vi­ron­ment that stim­u­lates my de­sire to em­ploy var­i­ous meth­ods where I can also in­cor­po­rate th­ese two failed im­ages dur­ing the course of my dis­cus­sion.

Over­time, teach­ing de­vel­oped some­thing in me which be­came a goal I need to do for the rest of my teach­ing ca­reer, and that is to be­come a ser­vant leader. At times, I act as my stu­dents’lawyer in sourc­ing what is right­fully due them specif­i­cally to things meant for their progress and devel­op­ment. I also act as their an­chor woman in voic­ing out what needs to be given at­ten­tion as re­gards to their scholas­tic ma­tu­rity, not in the boob tube but on a lim­ited scale of an au­di­ence. I do th­ese when there is a need to in­te­grate skills for them to have an overview how I run my class and be en­cour­aged to keep learn­ing things. In this man­ner, the stu­dents I han­dle will for­ever re­mem­ber the lessons I teach them even when they grow old. It would be a mark im­planted in their hearts of which I claim as a re­ward on my part be­cause I do what is best for them.

Stress is likely to oc­cur when I teach and when it does, it cre­ates moment of ir­ra­tional­ity in me. (And who does not?). How­ever, I make it a point to take chal­lenges pos­i­tively in or­der to stim­u­late my mind in hav­ing a sense of com­mon­al­ity.

Teach­ing has been shown to be one of the pil­lars for the pre­ven­tion of Alzheimer’s dis­ease and other de­men­tias. There­fore, those who are into it are con­sid­ered lucky be­cause they could en­joy the ben­e­fit of hav­ing an ac­tive mind and be free from the spoils th­ese mind bog­gling ill­nesses may de­velop in the hu­man sys­tem. I am al­ready in my twi­light years but I am in­deed lucky be­cause I still have a sound mind and body – two rea­sons that make my ex­is­tence still mean­ing­ful and all be­cause I AM A TEACHER. — oOo— The au­thor is Teacher III/TIC at Masan­tol High School

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