What you need to know about the all-new iPhone X

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The most talked-about, hyped-up, head-turn­ing phone of the year has fi­nally ar­rived. All hail Ap­ple’s lat­est and best smart­phone to date, the iPhone X, which was launched to cel­e­brate Ap­ple’s 10th an­niver­sary.

The flag­ship de­vice is a ma­jor shift from pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions, one that will surely ex­pose users into a whole new way of us­ing the smart­phone they've come to adore.

To know more about the new­est talk of the town, here are the iPhone X’s amaz­ing fea­tures that would make you up­grade or shift to an iPhone (if you're ready to splurge for it).

1. De­sign

It comes in two colours: Sil­ver and Space Gray. Both have sur­gi­cal-grade, stain­lesssteel chrome edges and an iPhone 8-es­que glass back. Ap­ple says that, cou­pled with other fin­ish­ing en­hance­ments, this is the strong­est glass ever on a smart­phone.

The iPhone X has the big­gest iPhone dis­play at 5.8 inches, though over­all is smaller than the pre­vi­ous Pluses.

More­over, ev­ery­body knows that the beloved home but­ton is gone. This isn't with­out precedent: Ap­ple in­fa­mously killed off the 3.5mm head­phone jack on the iPhone 7, show­ing that they aren't afraid of giv­ing the red card to one of its own. Also, it re­mains wa­ter, splash, and dust-re­sis­tant.

2. New presses and ges­tures

If you’re go­ing to buy the all-new iPhone X, you'll have to fa­mil­iar­ize your­self with some new moves to make up for the loss of the home but­ton.

Here are the ba­sics: To take a screen­shot, you have to press the side and vol­ume up but­tons at the same time (side plus Home but­tons). To call Siri, you need to press and hold the side but­ton (press and hold Home). To re­boot the de­vice, or soft re­set, quickly press the vol­ume up and vol­ume down but­tons in suc­ces­sion, then press and hole the side key un­til the Ap­ple logo ap­pears; this also ap­plies to the iPhone 8 (hold side and vol­ume down but­tons un­til Ap­ple logo ap­pears). To switch it off, you need to press and hold the side and ei­ther vol­ume but­ton si­mul­ta­ne­ously (press and hold side but­ton).

3. Face ID

Face ID is Ap­ple's lat­est an­swer to the bio­met­ric wars on smart­phones. And it doesn't just merely take a snap of your face. To reg­is­ter your like­ness, you have to ro­tate your head gen­tly. When cap­tur­ing your face, the new TrueDepth cam­era sys­tem plus the new, more pow­er­ful A11 Bionic chip in­side blasts out 30,000 in­frared dots to get a very ac­cu­rate im­age of your face. Ap­ple says this is vir­tu­ally fool­proof, and won't be by­passed by pho­tos and even high-grade, just­like-the-real-thing masks.

Ap­ple says Face ID will work with most sun­glasses or even if you have a hat on. If your face changes, say, for ex­am­ple, you had a huge beard and de­cided to shave it off, it will ask for your pass­code to ver­ify that it's you.

One in­ter­est­ing thing, the Face ID needs to cap­ture your en­tire face, es­pe­cially the eyes, nose and mouth. If you close your eyes, it won't un­lock.

Face ID also re­places an­other key duty of Touch ID: Ver­i­fy­ing your iden­tity for Ap­ple Pay, as well as log­ging you in to spe­cific apps that have this fea­ture.

4. Dis­play

The iPhone X sports an OLED panel on its Su­per Retina HD dis­play and has a 458ppi den­sity. Its bright­ness is a plea­sure to the eyes, and it should be, be­cause Ap­ple says that, while not the first phone out there with OLED, it's the first to rise to Ap­ple's stan­dards.

The dis­play clocks in at 5.8 inches, big­ger than the 5.5 inches of the pre­vi­ous iPhone Pluses but still smaller over­all, with a screen-to­body ra­tio of about 83 per cent, thanks to the 'all-screen' de­sign.

5. Cam­era

The dual-lens cam­era is back, and both are now armed with op­ti­cal im­age sta­bil­i­sa­tion. It also sports a larger and faster sen­sor, a new color fil­ter and deeper pix­els. The tele­photo cam­era now has a f/2.4 aper­ture - com­pared to the iPhone 8's f/2.8, mean­ing it can ab­sorb more light 33 per cent more, to be ex­act.

6. An­i­moji

An­i­moji is a whole new way to ex­press your­self. To use it, go to iMes­sages, pick out a con­tact (who has iMes­sages) and tap on the An­i­moji icon be­low. The TrueDepth sys­tem tracks 50 mus­cles on your face, which mir­rors it to the emoji you've cho­sen. You can record your fa­cial ex­pres­sions along with your voice and send it us­ing iMes­sages.

You have to re­mem­ber though that you and your re­cip­i­ent must both have iOS 11 in­stalled. But here's a bit of good news: your re­cip­i­ent does not need to have an iPhone X to re­ceive an An­i­moji.

So go ahead and pep­per them with An­i­mo­jis and make them green with envy. Cur­rently, there are only a dozen emo­jis to choose from, but we're quite sure more will be added to this in the fu­ture.

Fun fact: the poop emoji is the only one with eye­balls. You can ex­press your­self more with it (rolling eyes, any­one?).

As I’ve said ear­lier, if you’re in­ter­ested to have Ap­ple’s in-de­mand flag­ship, brace your­self for its price. Tel­cos Smart and Globe have yet to an­nounce its pric­ing, plan, and re­lease date, but on­line seller Kim­store has posted the prices for pre-or­der: P80,000 for the 64GB ver­sion and P89,000 for the 256GB ver­sion. An­other on­line seller, Wid­get City, also of­fers the the iPhone X for the same price.

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