Face­book launches GIF-sup­ported poll fea­ture

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you’ve ever wanted to ask your Face­book friends re­ally im­por­tant ques­tions, like “should I have chicken nuggets, or ac­tu­ally cook adult food for din­ner?” now you can in poll form.

Face­book has rolled out a GIF-sup­ported poll fea­ture that al­lows users to post votable ques­tions as a new sta­tus on both the web and iOS and An­droid apps. You will also be able to add GIFs and pho­tos as re­sponses, too, in­stead of just plain old bor­ing text.

To cre­ate one, just hit com­pose post, or click on the “what’s on your mind” sec­tion. Be­low the text box will be a but­ton that says “Poll,” as well as other op­tions. Then you can type in your ques­tion in the text box with two op­tions for an­swers. There’s no limit to how long your ques­tion can be, but your re­sponses are lim­ited to 25 char­ac­ters.

To add a photo or GIF, as your an­swer, hit on the cam­era or GIF icon in the op­tion line for re­sponses. You can add a du­ra­tion for how long you want your poll to be open, with op­tions for one day, one week, cus­tom, or never.

The move fol­lows Instagram which added polling stick­ers to its Sto­ries fea­ture just last month. Twit­ter also has a polling fea­ture, but al­lows for up to four re­sponse op­tions, in­stead of Face­book’s two.

Face­book has ex­per­i­mented with polls in the past: the fea­ture pre­vi­ously ex­isted as far back as 2007 for ad­ver­tis­ers and mar­keters, and was avail­able in Groups and Events for polling mem­bers / at­ten­dees.

Like the lat­ter ver­sion of the poll fea­ture, to­day’s GIF-sup­ported polls are not anony­mous; your an­swers will be recorded and dis­played for the poster to see, just like on Instagram.

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