Pluto's largest moon, Charon, gets its first of­fi­cial fea­ture names

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Tsci­en­tists, pi­o­neer­ing jour­neys, and mys­te­ri­ous des­ti­na­tions. Rita Schulz, chair of the IAU Work­ing Group for Plan­e­tary Sys­tem Nomen­cla­ture, com­mented that "I am pleased that the fea­tures on Charon have been named with in­ter­na­tional spirit."

The ap­proved Charon names fo­cus on the lit­er­a­ture and mythol­ogy of ex­plo­ration. They are listed here:

Argo Chasma is named for the ship sailed by Ja­son and the Arg­onauts, in the epic Latin poem Arg­onau­tica, dur­ing their quest for the Golden Fleece.

But­ler Mons hon­ours Oc­tavia E. But­ler, the first science fic­tion writer to win a MacArthur fel­low­ship, and whose Xeno­gen­e­sis tril­ogy de­scribes hu­mankind's de­par­ture from Earth and sub­se­quent re­turn.

Caleuche Chasma is named for the mytho­log­i­cal ghost ship that trav­els the seas around the small is­land of Chiloé, off the coast of Chile; ac­cord­ing to leg­end, the Caleuche ex­plores the coast­line col­lect­ing the dead, who then live aboard it for­ever.

Clarke Montes hon­ours Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the pro­lific science fic­tion writer and fu­tur­ist whose nov­els and short sto­ries (in­clud­ing 2001: A Space Odyssey) were imag­i­na­tive de­pic­tions of space ex­plo­ration.

Dorothy Crater rec­og­nizes the pro­tag­o­nist in the se­ries of chil­dren's nov­els, by L. Frank Baum, that fol­lows Dorothy Gale's trav­els to and ad­ven­tures in the mag­i­cal world of Oz.

Kubrick Mons hon­ours film di­rec­tor Stan­ley Kubrick, whose iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey tells the story of hu­man­ity's evo­lu­tion from tool-us­ing ho­minids to space ex­plor­ers and be­yond.

Mand­jet Chasma is named for one of the boats in Egyp­tian mythol­ogy that car­ried the sun god Ra (Re) across the sky each day -- mak­ing it one of the ear­li­est mytho­log­i­cal ex­am­ples of a ves­sel of space travel.

Nasred­din Crater is named for the pro­tag­o­nist in thou­sands of hu­mor­ous folk­tales told through­out the Mid­dle East, south­ern Eu­rope and parts of Asia.

Nemo Crater is named for the cap­tain of the Nau­tilus, the sub­ma­rine in Jules Verne's nov­els Twenty Thou­sand Leagues Un­der the Sea (1870) and The Mys­te­ri­ous Is­land (1874).

Pirx Crater is named for the main char­ac­ter in a se­ries of short sto­ries by Stanis­law Lem, who trav­els be­tween the Earth, Moon and Mars.

Re­vati Crater is named for the main char­ac­ter in the Hindu epic nar­ra­tive Ma­hab­harata - widely re­garded as the first in his­tory (circa 400 BC) to in­clude the con­cept of time travel.

Sadko Crater rec­og­nizes the ad­ven­turer who trav­elled to the bot­tom of the sea in the me­dieval Rus­sian epic Bylina.

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