Per­se­ver­ance, courage and love are the main in­gre­di­ent on how to be­come an ef­fi­cient and ef­fec­tive teacher. One must go through the fire of tri­als to keep the burn­ing flames of de­vel­op­ing the skills and abil­i­ties of the teacher to be­come ef­fi­cient and ef­fec­tive. The lack of wis­dom and care would be a big hin­drance in sus­tain­ing the needs of the learner.

A teacher is some­one that trans­fers knowl­edge and the one who moulds the heart of the child to de­velop a good at­ti­tude within them. A great builder of the fu­ture and has a su­pe­rior hand to es­tab­lished a great prospect among the learner. Burst­ing with love and courage a great teacher will be born.

Our pro­fes­sion is known as one of the most chal­leng­ing work in our so­ci­ety. Tears and sweats will shut­ter along the eyes and face of a teacher. Back pains will be felt as our bones crack­ling be­cause of an all day ac­tiv­i­ties in school. Headache and blurry eyes will be felt for all the forms that are be­ing done and writ­ten works that should be fin­ish and passed on time.

What is the great­est gift that a teacher can have? Is it the salary or the bonuses? Is it in­cen­tives given for them? Or the gifts given to them dur­ing spe­cial oc­ca­sions? Sim­ply the an­swer is when you see your stu­dents learned a lot from you. The re­ward­ing feel­ing of success was given to you as you see them de­velop into a bet­ter per­son that pro­motes a good fu­ture ahead of them.

Sac­ri­fice is one of the most del­i­cate in­gre­di­ents to be­come an ef­fec­tive teacher. One must do things that may be out of their shell to up­hold the ca­pac­ity for their stu­dents to learn and grow the hu­man­ity inside them. Sac­ri­fice the things that you oat to do for your­self in­stead make things that will not only ben­e­fit you but will prob­a­bly be one of the most coura­geous thing that a teacher can do to up­hold the prom­ises of end­less love and sac­ri­fice a teacher can do.

A teacher will take your hand and to­gether you will reach the pike of your jour­ney. A mother in the class­room that shows the love and care a truly beloved mother do for her chil­dren. A doc­tor who heals the wound and the pain of a child. An en­gi­neer who builds the fu­ture be­hind you and lastly a sol­dier who will fight and give all his best and can even sac­ri­fice his life for you.

An end­less love of a teacher is truly be­ing ex­pe­ri­enced by us. God’s gifts to us are the chil­dren and to be thank­ful of the gift we must trea­sure it with love and care. The award­ing feel­ing of see­ing your stu­dents achiev­ing their goals in life is enough for us to prove to the world that we, teach­ers can make a change and build a fu­ture.

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