Sta­ple­ton, Lam­bert, Un­der­wood and Ve­gas win at ACM Awards

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Twhich is spend­ing its 19th week on top of Bill­board’s Hot coun­try songs chart. It ties Leroy Van Dyke’s “Walk On By” as the third long­est-run­ning song of all­time on the chart.

The long­est-run­ning No. 1 song of all-time on the coun­try charts, Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road,” won sin­gle record of the year at the ACMs; Hunt didn’t at­tend the show.

Lit­tle Big Town sang El­ton John’s “Rocket Man” in cel­e­bra­tion of the icon’s new al­bum, “Restora­tion,” which fea­tures coun­try singers cov­er­ing his songs. Kane Brown and Lau­ren Alaina were im­pres­sive when they sang their duet, “What Ifs.” Kenny Ch­es­ney, Toby Keith, Kelsea Bal­lerini, Alan Jack­son, Lady An­te­bel­lum and Dierks Bent­ley also per­formed.

McEn­tire, who per­formed with Kelly Clark­son, hosted the three­hour show a year af­ter Bryan and Bent­ley did the job.

“It takes one woman to do the job of two men,” she said, earn­ing a rous­ing ap­plause.

Old Do­min­ion won vo­cal group of the year, best­ing Lit­tle Big Town and Lady An­te­bel­lum.

“This is heavy in a lot of ways,” lead singer Matthew Ram­sey said, hold­ing the tro­phy in his hand.

“We’re so lucky. Look at us, look at us!” he said about his band­mates, all dressed in trendy suits. “We look good. We feel good. We’re friends. And we’re hav­ing a ball.

“Thank you for let­ting us make mu­sic.”


1 blot out

6 of or near a pole of the earth or a ce­les­tial body

11 can­dle

12 white linen cloth worn on the neck and shoul­ders by a priest cel­e­brat­ing the eu­charist

13 per­sonal com­puter

15 an equal

16 torn; ripped

17 let­ter in the Greek al­pha­bet

19 jum­bled let­ters to read ‘praised’ 21 bur­den­some

23 a con­sti­tu­tional right to re­ject a leg­isla­tive en­act­ment

24 a head ges­ture of greet­ing

26 Bri­tish noble­man 27 jum­bled let­ters to read ‘poor’

28 arid

29 jum­bled let­ters to read ‘seer’

30 a ma­chine for stretch­ing cloth to dry in shape

33 elapses

35 prepo­si­tion

36 friend

37 tran­quil­ize

42 ap­ply over re­sources to a par­tic­u­lar ac­tiv­ity 47 brightly lit

48 drag; haul

50 morally bad

51 ‘for fear that’

52 ear­lier

53 de­pend on

54 ook place

57 daubed or marked with a greasy sub­stance or with some­thing that stains

60 new tes­ta­ment 61 foolish or un­in­ter­est­ing per­son

62 pornog­ra­phy

63 South Amer­ica 64 breathe

65 es­cape from

67 small poi­sonous snake

68 jum­bled let­ters to read ‘lease’


1 ex­trater­res­trial

2 har­mo­nious or em­pa­thetic re­la­tion­ship

3 mim­ics

4 germ

5 a short jour­ney on an­other’s be­half to take a mes­sage, col­lect goods, etc.

6 a hu­mor­ous ex­ag­ger­ated im­i­ta­tion of an au­thor, lit­er­ary work, style, etc.

7 por­tent

8 stroke

9 fe­male per­former of a part in a play, movie, etc.

10 anent

13 ful­crum

14 thin pan­cake usu­ally with a sa­vory or sweet fill­ing

17 pulp of veg­etable re­duced to a soft, creamy sub­stance

18 small is­lands

20 a Bri­tish pri­vate prepara­tory school for boys

22 poles with blades used for rowing or steer­ing a boat by lever­age against the wa­ter

25 scrap or frag­ment of food left a meal

31 newt

32 caviar

33 cush­ion

34 lager

37 beauty par­lor

38 choose by vote

39 flat thin cir­cu­lar ob­ject

40 brought into har­mony or agree­ment

41 a floor cov­er­ing of shaggy ma­te­rial or thick pile

43 porch

44 ended

45 thin slabs of con­crete or fired clay used for cov­er­ing roofs, pave­ments, floor

46 jum­bled let­ters to read ‘de­lay’

48 a set of hor­i­zon­tal bars or wood or metal fixed be­tween two up­rights and used for climb­ing up or down

49 the record of Christ’s life and teach­ings in the new tes­ta­ment

55 pe­ruse

56 jum­bled let­ters to read ‘veer’

58 pro­ceed

59 pe­ri­ods in his­tory 64 ex­press­ing sur­prise, sus­pi­cion, tri­umph 66 Elec­tri­cal


he 2018 Academy of Coun­try Mu­sic Awards marked a mem­o­rable night for the vic­tims of the mas­sive Las Ve­gas shoot­ing, come­back queen Car­rie Un­der­wood and triple-win­ners Chris Sta­ple­ton and Mi­randa Lam­bert.

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