Far greater road dan­gers than canopies

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There is a pro­posed or­di­nance that is now up be­fore the Cebu City Coun­cil that seeks to ban those bright-col­ored canopies that have now be­come quite pop­u­lar among mo­tor­cy­cles. Those canopies are ob­vi­ously meant to shield the mo­tor­cy­cle rid­ers from the el­e­ments. But the pro­posed or­di­nance sees the con­trap­tions as a safety haz­ard that could cause ac­ci­dents.

Now, safety is doubt­less a mat­ter of grave con­cern. But "grave con­cern for safety" has also been mis­ap­pro­pri­ated and has in fact be­come a moth­er­hood state­ment that has been in­voked count­less of times for no more com­pelling rea­son than to give vent to a whim. A city or­di­nance is a very se­ri­ous mat­ter as well. Once im­ple­mented, it af­fects the lives of count­less peo­ple. It also can­not pro­ceed from a whim.

If mo­tor­cy­cle canopies are in­deed a safety haz­ard and a po­ten­tial cause for ac­ci­dents, then the pro­posed or­di­nance must prove the canopies are in­deed what it fears them to be. Stud­ies must be pro­duced that con­clude the use of such canopies is in­deed danger­ous. More­over, records must be pro­vided that list down the num­ber of in­stances wherein canopies are proven to have di­rectly caused ac­ci­dents.

Any­thing short of these re­quire­ments and the pro­posed or­di­nance will be proven to be very lame and not worth the while of the city coun­cil to dis­cuss. There are far greater con­cerns about safety in­volv­ing mo­tor­cy­cles that the coun­cil can truly de­vote its time and en­er­gies to if it truly wants to main­tain safety in all streets in the city.

There is for in­stance the con­tin­ued de­fi­ance by mo­tor­cy­cle rid­ers of ap­pro­pri­ate and ap­pli­ca­ble laws and or­di­nances on the wear­ing of safety hel­mets and the car­ry­ing of small chil­dren. What is the city coun­cil do­ing about these ram­pant and bla­tant vi­o­la­tions? Just be­cause en­force­ment is no longer within the am­bit of the leg­is­la­ture does not mean leg­is­la­tors can turn a blind eye to them.

And then there is that even more danger­ous prac­tice of mo­tor­cy­cle rid­ers weav­ing in and out of traf­fic or cross­ing me­di­ans and driv­ing against traf­fic flow. These danger­ous prac­tices are eas­ily ver­i­fi­able. It is pretty cer­tain our good coun­cilors must have seen these vi­o­la­tions at least once in their lives. But what have they done about them? These very real and present dan­gers are what should pre­oc­cupy them.

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