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More Rebels Embrace Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry

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Now, Salusad’s own father, Benjamin – alias Ka Nonong – also wanted to join his son and become the instrument of God so he can spread the peace and love among other indigenous communities in Bukidnon. The father and son tandem is among the most influential in the local Manobo tribal communities. They help protect the ancestral rights of the tribe and the welfare of the indigenous people from harm and exploitation.

Minister Wilde James Almeda, son of Evangelist Wilde Estrada Almeda, an internationally known pastor and founder of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry, is expected to lead another evangelical mission in Bukidnon to fulfil God’s promises of salvation among the tribal people.

Cuarteros’s group had travelled to Bukidnon and trekked through rains and mud and climbed cliffs and boulders for over 7 hours with nothing but the words of God to fulfil his promise to Salusad’s group that he shall return - the third time – bringing miracles of God through the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry.

“We are only instruments here. We are instrument of God, of his everlasting love, of his salvation, and most of all our strong faith to succeed because we know that God is with us and guiding us in all we do in spreading his glorious words and miracles,” Cuarteros told the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner.

He said not only Salusad and his followers accepted and embraced God; they also donated a parcel of land for the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry, so it can put up a chapel in the heart of NIPAR’s stronghold in the town’s hinterlands.

According to Cuarteros, Salusad also told village leaders to play worship songs every morning to remind them of God and the glorious mission of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry.

In his past mission to Salusad’s stronghold, Cuarteros said: “That journey of faith and mission from God has become one of my most unforgettable experiences and it is a mission of peace. Ka Alde and his group accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and they wanted to start a new life through the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry.”

Salusad, who is also being hunted by the now rival group New People’s Army, reportedly wanted to be part of the government’s militia force or CAFGU which is the acronym for Civilian Armed Force Geographical Unit, to protect communities from lawless elements in the province.

Cuarteros said God is protecting the indigenous tribe and as long as the natives continue their strong faith in God and follow His teachings, no amount of harm shall befall them. “Everything is in the hands of God and God is protecting us all because He loves us,” he said.

The Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry is one of the largest and most successful apostolic churches based in the Philippines with millions of followers in the country alone. It has stations also in the United States and other parts of the world.

It was also Pastor Wilde Estrada Almeda who led a dozen “prayer warriors,” including Cuarteros, to a miraculous journey and mission of 100- days of fasting and prayers that victoriously convinced the rebel group Abu Sayyaf to release the 21 Sipadan hostages in Talipao town in Sulu province in 2000.

Almeda’s group also managed to convince a senior rebel leader Galib Andang, alias Commander Robot and his group to embrace the Christian faith and baptized them. And the victorious peace mission is related in vivid detail in the book, “Miracles in Moroland” written by American professor Dr. Sam Smith.

Members of the New Indigenous People's Army Reform in Bukidnon province led by Alde Salusad - reading a copy of the Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper -embrace God through the Jesus Mirace Crusade International Ministry.

Brothers Andy Biñas and Danny Cuarteros of the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry with NIPAR members in Bukidnon province.

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