Mayor Beng brands seven councilors ‘Saboteurs’ - Report

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ZAMBOANGA CITY – Mayor Ma. Isabelle Climaco Salazar branded as ‘saboteurs’ the councilors who voted against or abstained from voting the approval of a resolution for the implementation of vital projects of her administration.

In her weekly press conference at City Hall, Mayor Salazar said the action of the councilors who voted against or abstained the resolution was totally unacceptable.

She said the various projects which her administration is trying to implement include the slope protection in barangay Tugbungan where flood is rampant during rainy season, a school building in San Roque, and a police station in Labuan where the threat of kidnappings is always present.

These projects have been recommended by the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office but have been temporarily halted due to the non-passage of the resolution.

“What happened in the council is unacceptable, all of us are elected officials. The people did not elect us with whatever parties we belong. Unfortunately, these legislators objected and they are answerable to the children of San Roque, the residents of Labuan, and the people of Tugbungan when they will face the dangers that we are trying to prevent.” She said.

She continued that their action was very vital in the implementation of the projects.

“Sila ya previni el approval deste maga proyecto y porcausa deste, nuay puede implementa on time, we have to wait until the election ban is over. They are answerable to the people .. we only needed one vote because we need ten votes as to matters of legislation. Ya palta el voto and we counted on them because after all, it is the children, the families and the people of the barangays depend on our elected officials.” The mayor added.

Recall, Councilors Mike Alavar, Luis Biel III, VP Elago, BG Guingona and Ismael Musa voted against while Councilors Charlie Mariano and Percival Ramos abstained from voting for the approval of several important projects scheduled to be implemented the soonest possible time.

All of those who abstained or voted against the approval of the projects belong to the “Team Colorao” of Congressman Celso Lobregat.

Mayor Salazar emphasized that these councilors sabotaged the passage of the resolution thus preventing the projects and programs of the government to be implemented and that they are all answerable to the people.

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