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STATEMENT of Nagkahiusang Maguumang Organiko on its 2nd Founding Anniversary Celebration

The election of President Duterte to office was evident enough to say that the mass majority of the Philippine population is fed-up with the shallow political promises and rhetoric. The demand for change has never been more resounding. It opened up opportunities for the majority poor and working people to raise concrete proposals and persistently engage the current administration.

We, as small organic farmers and rural workers of the Nagkahiusang Maguumang Organiko (NAMAO), an organization of Indigenous Peoples and Christian family-based organic farmers and rural workers in Agusan del Sur and Caraga Region believe that change must be the inclusive peace and development programs that recognize, promote and uphold the key role of the peoples in grassroots communities.

We believe that as the people who feed the world, our genuine participation in sustaining the alternative efforts in promoting and advancing ecological, diversified, organic and integrated sustainable agriculture is essential in eliminating massive hunger and poverty that is widely-experienced by people in the world.

For two years, we have been a partner of line agencies in the promotion of organic agriculture and peoples’ participation in governance. We have been accredited to the municipal government unit of Sibagat, Agusan del Sur and Caraga regional office of the Department of Labor and Employment and have participated and organized several activities and trainings on organizational and technical capacitation in partnership with Department of Agriculture (Sibagat Municipal and Caraga Regional offices), Kilusang Maralita sa Kanayunan (KILOS KA), Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement (MPPM) and other civil society organizations.

With our experience, we stand firm on our resolve that, key to Change is the real participation of peoples and communities, reiterating that development framework must give emphasis to organic agriculture, environment and the right to human dignity – sensitive enough to community and peoples’ cultures and traditions.

Hence, we appeal to the current President Duterte administration to implement the Organic Agriculture Act (RA 10068), an act providing for the development and promotion of organic agriculture in the Philippines, consistent to the policy of the State to promote, propagate, develop further and implement the practice of organic agriculture in the Philippines that will cumulatively condition and enrich the fertility of the soil, increase farm productivity, reduce pollution and destruction of the environment, prevent the depletion of natural resources, further protect the health of farmers, consumers, and the general public, and save on imported farm inputs and recognizes and supports the central role of the farmers, indigenous people and other stakeholders at the grassroots in this program. In addition this must be accompanied with sustainable support mechanisms for the practitioners particularly the small farmers and rural workers.

As we celebrate our 2nd Founding Anniversary on September 21, we stand with all of the dreamers and workers for people-based Change, Peace and Development.

We invite you all to join our celebration. Celebrating our continuing efforts as part and partner for the common good and protection of the common goods – land, forests, food, waters and rivers, air and life.

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