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A mi­nor ac­ci­dent might take place at home to­day, Aries, but don’t worry. It will ul mately pro­voke more laugh­ter than harm. You will want the place to look great, Aries, be­cause a close friend or lover could come to visit. An in mate con­versa on or pas­sion­ate en­counter is in­di­cated. Curb the tempta on to in­dulge in too much food or drink.

An un­ex­pected pack­age could ar­rive, pos­si­bly shipped from far away. The cir­cum­stances could be rather strange. Friends or rela ves that you might not ex­pect could sud­denly show up, and you could spend a fran c hour or two or­ga­niz­ing an im­promptu party. This can be very gra fy­ing, Taurus, but don’t wear your­self out. Ev­ery­one should have a good me no ma&er what.

To­day you might strate­gize ways to make a li&le ex­tra money to pre­pare to move ahead with your life and ambi ons. This might be in con­junc on with your sig­nif­i­cant other or some close friends. Trips to the mall might re­sult in im­pulse pur­chases, as gi)s or per­haps for your­self. In the evening, plan some me alone with your part­ner or get out and look for one if you’re sin­gle.

Your nat­u­rally pas­sion­ate na­ture should be more aroused than usual to­day. The fes ve at­mos­phere around you gives rise to warm, in mate feel­ings that bring friends and cou­ples closer to­gether, Can­cer, so pre­pare for some good mes out and ex­cite­ment in the home tonight. Op mism and en­thu­si­asm should fill the air. You will feel se­cure and com­fort­able yet crack­ling with ar­dor. Go for it!

An in­tense card, email, or phone call could come from a sib­ling or other rela ve to­day. Per­haps this is a good chance to patch up an old quar­rel with this per­son, but don’t be tempted to start an­other! Emo ons are run­ning high now, Leo, and it wouldn’t take much to set some­one off. You might want to go out and do a li&le shop­ping, but be care­ful. Traf­fic could be bad.

A pro­posed visit to a friend’s may have to be de­layed, and this might worry you. It will be nec­es­sary to make a spe­cial ef­fort to get al­most any­thing done to­day, Virgo. You could have some ur­gent chores to com­plete, but the streets and stores may be full of impa ent peo­ple. Re­lax, breathe deeply, and sum­mon ev­ery bit of en­ergy you have. You don’t want to put any­thing off now.

A love rela on­ship could take on a higher and more spir­i­tual as­pect dur­ing this pe­riod, crea ng a de­sire for your souls to bond. The plan­e­tary at­mos­phere brings you closer to­gether, and you may ex­pe­ri­ence a closer sense of in macy. You two might spend me with mu­tual friends to­day, en­joy­ing your­selves, but at the same me anx­ious to be alone. Bask in the glow.

The plan­e­tary en­ergy might find you re­spond­ing to a sud­den sense of in­spira on that arouses your crea vity. You may feel an un­ex­pected urge to write, paint, draw, or com­pose some mu­sic. You may want to se­quester your­self, which could cause some prob­lems with friends and fam­ily mem­bers who want to be with you. Don’t ig­nore this im­pe­tus, Scorpio. As you know, in­spira on can van­ish as quickly as it comes.

You’ve been very busy, pro­fes­sion­ally and so­cially, and now you’re prob­a­bly long­ing for a ro­man c en­counter. If you’re cur­rently in­volved, you should sched­ule some me alone with the spe­cial per­son in your life. If you aren’t in­volved, don’t be sur­prised if some­one new ap­pears on the scene. You could fall in love at first sight or an old friend could sud­denly look dif­fer­ent to you. Make sure you look your best!

You’re likely to want to spend some me alone with your part­ner to­day, Capricorn, but with the cur­rent plan­e­tary in­flu­ences at play, ei­ther you or your honey’s ca­reer con­cerns could get in the way. An un­ex­pected op­por­tu­nity needs to be ex­plored right away, so you might not be able to spend any me to­gether now. Con­tact with friends could also prove frus­tra ng since ev­ery­one is busy.

A co-worker might be away, and this could in­crease the amount of work that you have to do, caus­ing strain and up­set, es­pe­cially if you aren’t fa­mil­iar with the work. Don’t try to do it all at once. A dis­tant fam­ily mem­ber you haven’t heard from for a while could phone out of the blue, and you could spend a happy half hour catch­ing up.

A pow­er­ful need to reach some­one ei­ther for busi­ness or per­sonal rea­sons could have you spend­ing a lot of me on the phone that may come to noth­ing, Pisces. You might call ev­ery place this per­son could pos­si­bly be, and this could prove frus­tra ng. Your friend may be away. Leave a mes­sage or two and let him or her call you back. Find some­thing else to dis­tract you.













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