Egyp­tian diva gets 6 months over Nile re­marks


CAIRO: An Egyp­tian court sen­tenced pop star Sher­ine to six months in prison on Tues­day for sug­gest­ing drink­ing from the Nile River leads to ill­ness, although she will re­main free pend­ing an ap­peal.

Sher­ine Ab­del Wa­hab, known sim­ply as Sher­ine, had apol­o­gized af­ter be­ing caught on tape jok­ing with con­cert­go­ers that Nile wa­ter could give them par­a­sites.

Mo­qat­tam Mis­de­meanor Court sen­tenced the pop star to the prison term, as well as fin­ing her 10,000 Egyp­tian pounds ($566) as a civil com­pen­sa­tion, with a bail of 5,000 pounds, on charges of in­sult­ing Egypt.

The singer did not Tues­day’s court ses­sion.

The Syn­di­cate of Mu­si­cal Pro­fes­sions had pre­vi­ously sus­pended at­tend the singer from singing and per­form­ing in Egypt for two months, un­til Jan. 14, 2018. Ju­di­cial of­fi­cials said she would re­main free on bail pend­ing an ap­peal.

Sher­ine is one of the re­gion’s best­known singers. She is also an ac­tor and hosted the Ara­bic ver­sion of singing con­test The Voice.

In the video record­ing of the con­cert, Sher­ine is asked by a fan to sing her tune “Have You Ever Drunk From the Nile.”

She re­sponds that drink­ing from the river could cause “bil­harzia,” a name for the par­a­sitic dis­ease schis­to­so­mi­a­sis which was once wide­spread in Egypt.

“Drink Evian in­stead,” she joked. She later apol­o­gized in a Face­book post­ing.

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