Sar­dines with Sam­faina

One of the most com­mon in­gre­di­ents in Catalunya. Here, the sar­dines are barely cooked to re­tain the fat­ti­ness and mois­ture on the meat, then paired with smoked egg­plant caviar and tangy ca­pers.



1 kg sar­dines 250ml po­mace oil

» Re­move scales from sar­dines.

» Soak the fil­lets of sar­dines in ice wa­ter for 10 min­utes to re­move the blood. » Pat dry fish and soak it in po­mace oil, then keep it in the chiller (max­i­mum 4 days).

piquillo pep­per sor­bet

2g sor­bet sta­biliser

60g dex­trose

10g sugar

4g salt

480g piquillo pep­pers (with­out skin and seeds)

240ml red pep­per juice

20ml vodka

10ml lemon juice

» Mix sta­biliser, dex­trose, sugar and salt. » Dice the piquillo pep­pers.

» Heat red pep­per juice with sugar mix and chopped pep­pers un­til the juice reaches 85°C, in medium heat.

» Blend mix­ture in Ther­momix and add vodka and the lemon juice.

» Strain and fill it up in Pa­co­jet con­tain­ers. egg­plant caviar

2 egg­plant

1 ba­nana shal­lot, finely chopped 30g ex­tra vir­gin olive oil a pinch of fine salt a dash of lemon juice

» Grill egg­plants in an oven at 180°C for 10 min­utes.

» Scoop the egg­plant meat and dis­pose the burnt skin and seeds.

» Chop the egg­plant roughly and mix with ba­nana shal­lot, ex­tra vir­gin olive oil, fine salt and lemon.

» Keep re­frig­er­ated (max­i­mum 2 days).

grilled zuc­chini 4 zuc­chini

» Grill zuc­chini un­til grill marks ap­pear. » Cool them down and cut the grilled zuc­chini up to 1cm cubes. as­sem­bly

20 fil­let sar­dines

100g black gar­lic paste

300g egg­plant caviar

50g olive oil caviar (avail­able from Se­crets Fine Food)

1 tsp sour­dough crumbs

200g grilled zuc­chini

60 ca­pers

20 quenelle roasted bell pep­per sor­bet

» Cook sar­dines with a blow torch. » Brush the plate with black gar­lic paste, then add egg­plant caviar and olive oil caviar.

» Add sar­dines fol­lowed by sour­dough crumbs and grilled zuc­chini on top. » Fin­ish with ca­pers and quenelles of roasted bell pep­per ice cream.

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