Con­fit Salted Cod Cata­lan Style

Ba­calao, also known as salted cod, has its pres­ence on Cata­lan cui­sine since the 16th cen­tury. It was in­tro­duced by the fish­er­men from Basque to the Cata­lans. In Catholic Spain, ba­calao is a must-have dish dur­ing Lent.


con­fit salted cod

10 cloves of gar­lic a pinch of chilli flakes 300ml ex­tra vir­gin olive oil

10 salted cod loin (about 100g/cod)

» Fry gar­lic and chili flakes with ex­tra vir­gin olive oil – to per­fume the oil.

» Mix all in­gre­di­ents in a vacuum bag. » Cook the bag in a wa­ter­bath at 55°C for 15 min­utes.

al­li­oli mousse

2 cloves of gar­lic 2 eggs

2 egg yolks 600ml olive oil 150ml whipped cream

» Re­move the gar­lic germ.

» Us­ing a hand blender, mix ev­ery­thing ex­cept whipped cream

» Just be­fore serv­ing, mix al­li­oli with whipped cream. spinach sautéed 400g baby spinach 100g toasted pinenuts 50g raisins

5 cloves of gar­lic 100g olive oil a pinch of fine salt

» On a big pan-fry gar­lic cloves on olive oil un­til they turn golden.

» Add pinenuts and raisins, then stir-fry for 20 sec­onds.

» Add baby spinach and cook for only 5 sec­onds. Sea­son with salt.

spinach soup

200g baby spinach 200ml chicken stock 120g cooked potato

80g cream cheese, Philadel­phia

» Blanch spinach in boil­ing wa­ter for 5 sec­onds and cool it down im­me­di­ately in cold wa­ter – to re­tain the colour green. » Place spinach in a salad spin­ner to re­move wa­ter from the spinach.

» Heat up chicken stock and then blend it with cooked potato, spinach and cream cheese.

» Strain the soup as­sem­bly (for one plate) 2 tbsp spinach sautéed 1 con­fit salted cod loin 3 tbsp al­li­oli mousse 2 tbsp spinach soup

» Place spinach on the cen­ter of the plate together with some of their pinenuts and raisins (from spinach sautéed).

» Place a dol­lop of al­li­oli mousse on the salted cod, then torch the mousse with a blow torch for some color

» Place al­li­oli-cov­ered fish on top of the sautéed spinach.

» Pour spinach soup on the plate.

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