Lily Collins in 24 Hours The star of Ama­zon’s The Last Ty­coon and face of Lancôme takes us in­side her day

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8:00AM I usu­ally wake up at 8am, but I’m shoot­ing a show now and some of my call times have been 5am or 5:30am, so I’ve had to try to be­come a morn­ing per­son. I like set­ting an up­beat song as my alarm, but I have to con­stantly change it so I don’t start hat­ing it. Right now I like The Chainsmok­ers, Drake and Banks—I went to high school with her! I check so­cial me­dia to see what my friends around the world have been up to. In­sta­gram is my main thing; it’s where I’ve had such a huge in­ter­ac­tion with young girls, which re­ally in­spired me to write my book, Un­fil­tered. And then I have to read every email in my in­box. I can’t leave any­thing un­opened.That num­ber next to the mail icon is very un­set­tling to me. It has to be zero. 8:10AM I’m nor­mally still half-asleep when I get out of bed, so I im­me­di­ately splash cold wa­ter on my face. I’ve learned a lot of my morn­ing rou­tine from work­ing with Lancôme. I re­ally like their Én­ergie de Vie prod­ucts—the cleanser, the serum and the cream. If I’m go­ing straight to hair and makeup, I don’t spend a lot of time get­ting ready, but even when I’m not work­ing, I’m pretty ba­sic. I just try to en­hance what’s al­ready there. I al­ways feel like the less there is on my face, the less there is to go wrong. I’ll put on a light foun­da­tion with a lit­tle bit of blush—I don’t wear bronzer—and lip balm, with maybe a dab of nude Lancôme lip­stick or con­cealer. I let my hair do what­ever it wants, es­pe­cially since I usu­ally have it all done up or wear a wig for the show. I’ve learned a lot of tricks over the years, but I tend to save them for a night out or an au­di­tion. 8:30AM I’ll go into my kitchen and have a glass of wa­ter with lemon to kick-start my sys­tem, and make oat­meal in a pot and have it with fruit.That re­ally en­er­gises me and fills me up.While the oat­meal starts to cook and do its thing, I get dressed. If I’m work­ing and it’s su­per early, I don’t care what I’m wear­ing, so I’ll throw on jeans or sweat­pants be­fore get­ting in my Range Rover and dr iv­ing to the set. Other­wise I’m go­ing to work out and I’ll wear clothes that I want to sweat in. I’m not go­ing to dress up to go to the gym. 9:00AM I try to be ac­tive every day. I’ve been go­ing to Body by Si­mone for a cou­ple of years now. I work with a trainer do­ing iso­met­rics and car­dio, and it’s all about length­en­ing, ton­ing and feel­ing good in your own skin. I have a lot of girl­friends who go too, and it’s a fun time in the morn­ing. I grab tea on my way to the gym at the Cof­fee Bean nearby—the first per­son I speak to every day is prob­a­bly the bar ista there. It’s nice to have a morn­ing con­ver­sa­tion at your lo­cal spot. 10:00AM Post-work­out, I’ll wear ei­ther slouchy boyfriend jeans with a cropped sweater or an over­size denim jacket with high-waisted pants. I’ve started wear­ing Parker Smith a lot, and also Ström, Paige and vin­tage Levi’s. I’ve had a pair of Chloé bal­let

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“S ee­ing the re­make of Beauty and the Beast as grown-ass adults was the coolest day off work ever. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.”

flats for four or five years now that are so easy to throw on.They’re a slightly dif­fer­ent colour than they were when I bought them be­cause they’re so used, but I like that. I’m not go­ing to wear heels un­less I have to. 1:00PM For the show, I’ve been wear­ing 1930s out­fits that are very fit­ted, so I don’t want to do a crazy lunch be­cause it’s un­com­fort­able. But I’m a clean eater any­way, so it al­ways in­cludes some sort of pro­tein—salmon or chicken—a salad, and maybe some quinoa. I don’t eat it all at one time; I try to make it last.And I snack on veg­gies and juices through­out the day to keep my­self go­ing. I’m re­ally bad about drink­ing wa­ter, but I try to force my­self. I haven’t had cof­fee in a cou­ple of years. I was kind of ad­dicted, and it be­came a lit­tle ob­ses­sive. Now I limit my­self to two cups of caf­feinated tea per day be­cause it can be just as bad for your sys­tem as drink­ing cof­fee if you have it all the time. I get cold re­ally eas­ily, though, es­pe­cially on set, so herbal teas are nec­es­sary. 3:00PM After shoot­ing, I typ­i­cally have meet­ings or scripts to read, but if I have the af­ter­noon off in L.A., I try to see my friends. Re­cently, some child­hood friends and I went down to the Santa Mon­ica Pier and just rode the Fer­ris wheel all af­ter­noon. I hadn’t done that since high school—it felt like I was play­ing hooky! Or the other day I had a sur­prise day off, so I asked my friends from el­e­men­tary school to see Beauty and the Beast.We were all singing along be­cause of course we knew all the words. I was a Dis­ney fa­natic grow­ing up. I have pho­tos of my­self with my par­ents at the pre­miere of the orig­i­nal in Eng­land—that was ev­ery­thing. So see­ing the re­make as grown-ass adults was the coolest day off work ever. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. 6:30PM I usu­ally eat out for din­ner. I like to bake, but I’m not go­ing to cook for my­self. Last night was my mum’s birth­day, and we were down by the beach at Gjelina, sit­ting out­side with lit­tle blan­kets. It was so nice. I’ve been try­ing to get out of my com­fort zone and go with foodie friends to places I don’t know about. I can be pretty grandma-ish about hav­ing a re­ally early din­ner, so I have friends who will be the 6:30pm crew. 8:30PM If I don’t have to pre­pare lines for the next day, I’ll stay out for drinks. I used to be a vodka girl, but I was at a Mex­i­can restau­rant re­cently and or­dered a spicy mar­garita just be­cause the name sounded cool, and sud­denly I was hooked. I’ve grad­u­ated—I’m a tequila per­son now. 10:00PM When I come home, I shower, take off my makeup and get com­fort­able. I watch re­al­ity TV as a guilty plea­sure. Bravo just gets me; they get what I need at the end of the work­day. Ei­ther that or I’ll be classy and read Jane Austen. I’m so Bri­tish at heart. 12:00AM I’d like to get eight hours of sleep, though that doesn’t al­ways hap­pen. I usu­ally go to bed close to mid­night, but I’m very proac­tive at night. It can be hard to fall asleep be­cause I think I could be do­ing some­thing. If I’m lucky, a re­al­ity show will just lull me to sleep in a bit of a daze.

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