From lightweight ones of­fer­ing water-like hy­dra­tion to oil-and-water heavy­weights – we pick 33 of the best moisturisers for ev­ery skin need.

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Our skin doesn’t need a ton of stuff. What it needs: mois­ture – to func­tion at a ba­sic level. Water not only makes up 60 per cent of our bod­ies and keeps us alive, it’s also in­te­gral to how our skin per­forms, looks and feels. The more hy­drated skin is, the less oily it is (yes, for the last time, even greasy skin needs mois­ture); the more bal­anced the ra­tio of se­bum and water on the epi­der­mis, the less sen­si­tive it is; the more mois­ture of the right kind skin gets at night, the bet­ter it feels in the morn­ing. The pos­i­tive ef­fects of hy­dra­tion are many, but so is the num­ber of moisturisers. Choos­ing from lightweights of­fer­ing water-like mois­ture to heavy­weights that com­bine water and oil, Goh Yee Huay and Kayce Teo pick 33 of the best for ev­ery skin type and prob­lem.

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