e sk­in­care line you can use, whether you’re younger or older

Save the leg­work – and guess­work – in­volved in look­ing for new beauty prod­ucts that will suit your skin as you get older. Dione Chen re­ports from Tokyo on Cosme Decorte’s lat­est anti-age­ing range.

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It’s a fact of life. Skin changes – some­times dras­ti­cally – as we grow older. Re­mem­ber the near-per­fect com­plex­ion you had in your 20s? It makes way for the first fine lines and sag­ging in your 30s, to drier skin, deeper lines and pig­men­ta­tion in your 40s. By your 60s, wrin­kles, dry­ness, saggy skin and dark spots are the new nor­mal.

Un­less you’re a beauty junkie who reg­u­larly keeps up with what’s new and good, sort­ing out what your skin needs as it evolves through the years can be time­con­sum­ing and con­fus­ing. No woman wants to keep ex­per­i­ment­ing with beauty op­tions and pos­si­bly cre­ate new skin is­sues by us­ing un­suit­able prod­ucts.

What you need is a sk­in­care range that jour­neys with you – one that starts with ba­sic anti-age­ing for your 30s and lets you add, mix and match prod­ucts all the way into your 60s.

Ja­panese beauty house Cosme Decorte be­lieves this is the way to keep cus­tomers for a life­time. Its fifth­gen­er­a­tion Decorte Ab­so­lute Qual­ity (AQ) col­lec­tion works for all skin types, and is flex­i­ble enough to meet the skin’s needs at any age.

Decorte AQ de­buted in 1990. Now, in 2017 – seven years af­ter its pre­vi­ous re­vamp – it has un­der­gone a huge re­boot. It has been re-re­searched, re­for­mu­lated and repack­aged. What hasn’t changed is its ba­sic

phi­los­o­phy: Your skin ab­sorbs nu­tri­ents bet­ter when you’re feel­ing re­laxed.

What’s new now: its neu­ro­science re­search. Decorte AQ re­searchers have found that be­ing all chill isn’t quite enough to get beau­ti­ful skin. They’ve dis­cov­ered that skin cells re­ally thrive on en­ergy – it’s what they re­quire to work at their best.

The en­ergy skin needs

You know the drill: The older you get, the less en­ergy you have, and the more you slow down. It’s the same with skin cells: less en­ergy means less-ef­fi­cient re­pair and re­gen­er­a­tion, more stub­born in­flam­ma­tion, and re­duced skin de­fence all around.

What your cells need is cre­a­tine. This pro­tein-like com­pound is found nat­u­rally in the body, and its job is to sup­ply cells with en­ergy. How­ever, cre­a­tine can only be de­liv­ered to the cells via a cre­a­tine trans­porter that is made by the cells.

These trans­porters be­come less ef­fi­cient as we grow older, so skin cells get less cre­a­tine and can­not cre­ate suf­fi­cient en­ergy for proper daily func­tions.

To boost skin cells’ en­ergy lev­els, the re­booted Decorte AQ range now con­tains white mu­cuna bean ex­tract. What does this do? It stim­u­lates skin cells to pro­duce more cre­a­tine trans­porters, mak­ing enough en­ergy so skin can heal and re­new it­self to look firmer and more ra­di­ant. Cosme Decorte re­searchers say you’ll see im­prove­ments in two weeks if you use the en­tire Decorte AQ range.

The white mu­cuna bean ex­tract also prom­ises a brighter, clearer-look­ing com­plex­ion, as it is said to aid skin re­newal.

White birch wa­ter is an­other in­gre­di­ent in the anti-age­ing sk­in­care line. It is rich in amino acids that keep skin mois­turised, and is an an­tiox­i­dant that can pro­tect skin cells.

Suit­able for dry, oily, com­bi­na­tion and nor­mal skin, Decorte AQ prod­ucts are for both women and men. This line is not de­signed for sen­si­tive skin as there is a wide spec­trum to skin sen­si­tiv­ity; peo­ple’s skin can re­act to dif­fer­ent things.

If you are keen on this range, but have skin that is sen­si­tive, sen­si­tised, or prone to sen­si­tiv­ity, you should do a patch test to see if the prod­ucts are suit­able for you.

Calm­ing scent

While the Decorte AQ line pre­vi­ously used a blend of es­sen­tial oils and san­dal­wood to soothe the senses, Cosme Decorte’s re­searchers have con­tin­ued to look for fra­grances that are ef­fi­cient in help­ing you to re­lax.

The new scent for all the prod­ucts in the Decorte AQ line comes from an ex­tract of the flower of the Queen of the Night cac­tus. This flo­ral-woody scent was tested for its psy­chophys­i­o­log­i­cal ef­fects and found to elicit a good calm­ing re­sponse.

How to use the range

The line has 12 prod­ucts, all paraben-free and highly emol­lient, glid­ing com­fort­ably onto skin and pen­e­trat­ing it read­ily. Start with the ba­sics – in the fol­low­ing or­der – for a com­plete rou­tine: • Cleans­ing Cream to re­move se­bum and makeup. Wash­ing Cream to un­clog pores and re­move im­pu­ri­ties. Emul­sion to prep and soften skin for the prod­ucts that fol­low. • Lo­tion, which is a toner to soothe and hy­drate nor­mal to dry skin. For day: Af­ter ap­ply­ing Emul­sion and Lo­tion, you don’t need a day­time face moisturiser; you can go straight to your sun­screen. How­ever, if your skin still feels dry af­ter the Emul­sion and Lo­tion, this is when you should layer on the Oil In­fu­sion or the Botan­i­cal Pure Oil. For night: Ap­ply the Cream to mois­turise and help with skin re­pair.

Spe­cial­ist prod­ucts

When skin is oilier or drier than nor­mal, look to these prod­ucts: • If your skin has be­come a lit­tle drier, use the ER (ex­tra rich) ver­sion of the Emul­sion and Lo­tion. If you have large pores, re­place the Lo­tion with the Ton­ing Lo­tion. This is re­puted to have an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory ben­e­fits and to be able to help reg­u­late se­bum pro­duc­tion. • As your skin be­comes less sup­ple when you get older, add the light­weight Oil In­fu­sion (for nor­mal and even prob­lem skin, and es­pe­cially suit­able for hot and hu­mid cli­mates) or the or­ganic Botan­i­cal Pure Oil (if you need a more nour­ish­ing for­mula) be­fore lay­er­ing on the Cream. You can use these by day or night. For ex­tra re­lax­ation, and to add an­tiox­i­dants and boost blood circulation, use the Mas­sage Cream on your face af­ter dou­ble cleans­ing to boost skin firm­ness. Once or twice a week, use the peel-off Mois­ture Lift Mask af­ter the Emul­sion to mois­turise, plump up wrin­kles, and tighten skin.

Moth­ers and daugh­ters, like Vogue ed­i­tor-in-chief Anna Win­tour and Bee Shaf­fer, don’t have to only share points of view – they can now share the same sk­in­care too.

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