I had my beau­ti­cian re­move the milia seeds un­der my eyes. My skin was sup­posed to re­cover within one week, but it’s been a month and the burn marks are still there. What should I do? – Sherry Loo

QAMilia seeds are tiny cysts that ap­pear just be­low the skin, com­monly around the eyes or tem­ples. They don’t pose a med­i­cal risk, but most peo­ple have them re­moved as they want smoother skin.

From your de­scrip­tion, the beau­ti­cian may have used a strong chem­i­cal peel or a laser ther­apy treat­ment set­ting that was too high, re­sult­ing in burns. You need to be aware that laser treat­ments should only be done by a trained doc­tor.

To re­duce the look of burn marks, I would rec­om­mend laser treat­ments like Pico Laser or Fo­tona to help tone down the ap­pear­ance of skin dis­col­oration and scar­ring. These laser treat­ments can also boost col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and make wrin­kles look less ob­vi­ous. I would rec­om­mend that you visit an aes­thetic clinic to con­sult a doc­tor. He or she can pin­point your needs bet­ter if they see you in per­son.

In fu­ture, if you still want to re­move milia seeds from other ar­eas of your face, you can do a Milia Seeds Re­moval treat­ment ($200) in which laser en­ergy is used to di­rectly de­stroy the milia seeds with­out af­fect­ing the sur­round­ing tis­sues.

Re­moval is best done by a doc­tor, to pre­vent com­pli­ca­tions like in­fec­tion, scar­ring and dis­col­oration. This reader wins a set of Prive Sk­in­works prod­ucts worth $252.40, com­pris­ing White Light­en­ing Wash ($73.80), White Light­en­ing Toner ($73.80), Triple Ac­tion Skin De­fence SPF50 ($62) and Honey Sooth­ing Cream ($42.80).

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